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    Normally I donít eat fresh vegetables/fruits, my first fresh vegetable dish was lettuce, shrimp cocktail and bread at my schoolís dormitory, itís the advice of my Indian friend whose sister didnít eat fresh vegetables either, she started eating fresh vegetables after eating this dish, it worked for me as well.

    After I moved back to Thailand very long time ago, I had fresh vegetables sometimes. I've realized that the tastes of vegetables in Thailand are different from those in US or other countries, which could be the result from the conditions of climate, soil, etc. Some fine restaurants in Bangkok are good at adjusting local vegetables and dressings for their salad dishes, one of my favorite salad dishes is at LíEspace de LíOriental, Siam Paragon.

    On Wednesday I had fried fish and salad for lunch at Bon Marcheí Market, price at 50 baht, itís cheap for fresh cooking, the dressing was a bit too sweet for me but itís only dressing they had. Most salad dressings in local markets are sweet, some sellers told me Thai customers like sweet taste.

    This afternoon I bought fried pork from traditional market to eat with salad, we can find salad bar in many supermarkets, various choices, luckily there are several kinds of salad dressing in bottles available in supermarkets, I donít have to eat sweet salad dressing tonight.

    One of my favorite salad dishes is homemade Cyprus salad, I had it around 10 years ago, 3 ingredients in the dressing: olive oil, lemon juice, and salt, the vegetables really tasted good on their own, esp. tomato. I wish our local tomato would have this taste.
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    Re: Salad

    Home grown ,vine ripe tomatoes are great. Maybe plant a few seeds and stake the plant as it grows. Here we have to cover the tomato to prevent the fruit flies more laying eggs in the fruit.Also it depends which tomato variety you plant. Mel. thanks for posting all of the informative information you have posted :o)

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