Just cleaning up my computer and found a bunch of my old translations stuffed everywhere

I noticed this wasn't translated on Ethaimusic http://www.ethaimusic.com/lyrics5/842.html

And I couldn't find it translated here on the forums, so, in case anyone ever comes looking for it, here
Sorry if it was already done somewhere and I missed it~

СѺҷ÷ ˹ҷѹ
Ta law Gub Kao Ma Tee Rai Tee Rai Mun Kaw Pen Na Tee Chan
Everytime you fight with him, its my duty
紹ӵ ͡ͷ
Shed Nam Ta Hai Tur Bork Hai Tur Tam Jai Yen Yen
to wipe your tears for you and tell you to calm down
ͧٴ Ҩͧ
Tong Pood Wah Kao Mai Dai Tung Jai At Ja Pen Kae Ruang Lek
I have to tell you that he didnt mean it, it might be just a little problem
Lae Nai Wun Prung Nee Tur Lae Kao Kaw Kong Kao Jai Gun
And by tomorrow, you and him will probably make up

* ء駵ͧٴ㨹ѡ
Took Krang Tong Pood Kam Derm Derm Kam Derm Derm Wah Yah Aow Tae Jai Na
Everytime I have to say the same words, dont be selfish
Hai Tam Tua Dee Dee Kong Ruk Gun Pai Dai Eek Nan
Behave yourself and maybe your love will last a long time
͡׹աѺ 㨩ѹѹ
Bork Tur Hai Kuen Dee Gub Kao Tae Jai Chan Mun Ja La Lai
I tell you to make up with him, but my heart will melt
Kaw Glun Nam Ta Taeb Ja Mai Wai Roo Baang Mai Tur
I almost couldnt hold back my tears, do you know?

** ͡㨵ͧԨ
Bork Jai Tua Eng Wah Mai It Cha
I tell my heart that Im not jealous
(չ㨺͡) ҵͧԨ
(Fuen Jai Bork Jai) Wah Rao Tong Mai It Cha
(Forcing my heart, telling my heart) that I must not be jealous
Gaw Kon Yaang Rao Mun Pen Kae Tee Pruk Sa
Cause someone like me is only a counselor
ӻ֡ ǡ稺ѹ
Koy Hai Kam Pruk Sa Laew Kaw Job Gun
Always giving advice, nothing more
Yahk bork gup tur hai lerk gup kao
I want to tell you to break up with him
Laeo mong glup mah) mah mee hua jai hai chun
(and look back) give your heart to me
ѹҧ ѹҧ ֡..
Roo dee gae jai wah mun mai ngai yahng nun mun mai ngai yahng nun pben kae tee preuk sah...gor yorm
I realize that its not that easy, its not that easy being just a counselorBut I accept it.

Let me wipe your tears, hold on your hand, and never let go

Lae dtong mee welah fun reuang rao yao yao kong tur
And must have the time to listen to your long list of problems
Laeo gor dtong poot yeun yun ork pbai wah mai nah ja mee pbunhah
And then I must assure you that there shouldnt be any problems
Kao gor pben kon dee tur na eng tee kong kit mahk pbai
Hes a good person, youre the one who might be thinking too much

(*, **)