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Meditation course in thailand
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    I am a German woman living and working in Malaysia. I am looking for a Monestry in Thailand where I can take part in a Meditation retreat which is done in English Language.

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    I guess you are looking for somewhere to stay to do this or are you looking for a one day course? If you are short on time I suggest you visit the Vipassana Meditation Centre at Wat Mahadatu in Bangkok. It is not far from Khao San Road. They do free courses for foreigners. The main teacher is Phra Supat. You can e-mail the 60 year old monk at

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    Section 5 at Wat Mahathat, as the above poster said, is probably ideal. You can stay there for an intensive retreat. On the intensive retreat you are expected to stay at the monestary, meditate at the required times (about 9 hours a day from the schedule I saw) and take on extra precepts beyond the normal 5 precepts for lay people.

    This was more of a intensive program than I was ready to pursue when I was vacationing in Thailand for one week but I did find there a teacher willing to teach me some of the basic routines of Insight meditation and another monk with whom I discussed my experiences after a few days of practice. They were very helpful and friendly and I learned a lot that I could apply to my practice back at home.

    The lead missionary monk is:
    Phrasuputh Kosalo (Chainikom)
    Wat Mahadhatu (Section 5)
    Maharaj Road, Phranakorn
    Bangkok, 10200 THAILAND
    Telephone cell 01-6941527 - phone (662) 0-2823-5325
    (662) 0-2222-4891, (662) 0-2222-6011

    (That's country code 66 then city code 1 or 2 and then the seven digit number for calling internationally, or 01 or 02 then the seven digit number when calling inside Thailand).

    He is not always there because he also is a missionary, but they told me there is always someone around who can speak English.

    Also, I did not get to visit, but there also a place called House of Dhamma and they also offer meditation retreats on a periodic basis. They have a web page in English:

    All my best to you on your journey.

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