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Role of buddhism in thai life
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    I was just wondering if anyone could give me any suggestions on where I could find more information about the role of Buddhism in the everyday lives of Thai people. I found the information on but I need more information that is more detailed and includes more facets of life. Any suggestions would be great seeing that I have to present a 20 minute presentation on this topic. Thanks!

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    Can you be more specific? I am adding new pages all the time so I could do something for you this week. But, you would have to let me know exactly what you are looking for.
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    I'm doing my term paper on Buddhism in Thai life. What I would like is something that describes how Buddhism impacts a normal person's life. What would your life be like without it? Is everyone a devout and sincere Buddhist? How has Buddhism helped you?

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    I guess to be more specific, I want to know how Buddhism impacts a Thai persons life on a daily basis. Also, how it impacts your political views, and views on social welfare.

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