Star singer scores a hit

Hug Bie
GMM Grammy

Popular The Star singer Bie has already given us two hit albums. Hug Bie is his third, and it has already received some positive feedback from fans. Album singles "Wait a Minute," "Mak-Mai (Many)" and "Hug" have all done well on the music charts.

This album develops the sound that Bie established on his first two records. The songs on the album mix dance beats and ballads with some hip-hop and rap elements. The experience that the singer has gained seems to have made him sound more confident.

Bie is mainly known for his cool dance moves, but the songs on Hug Bie also feature unique lyrics and ideas that make them stand out from other pop material in the charts.

As Bie becomes more and more popular, his music keeps getting better and better. Hug Bie doesn't disappoint. - VH

Source: Student Weekly