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    English Subtitles for Thai Movies

    English subtitles for Thai DVD Movies for download. When buying Thai movie DVD's in Thailand of Thai movies, about 90% of them will come without English subtitles, only a very few have English subs. This is for the reason that if distribution rights to Thai movies are to be sold in other countries, they do not want to have cheap Thai DVD copies flooding the import market. By not including English subtitles, for most people, this will render Thai DVD imports useless. There are some movies that do include English subs though, I always mention that in my reviews.

    By offering the English subs here I do not want to encourage any download of illegal copies of Thai movies. Especially in Thailand a DVD can be had as low as 50 Baht (less than 2 USD) and a new title normally goes for around 150 Baht (around 5 USD). So I encourage everybody here to support a movie industry that actually prices their products the right way and encourages people buying them. Because they are cheap I buy a lot more DVDs in Thailand then I do anywhere else.....
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    Re: English Subtitles for Thai Movies

    hi Richard,
    this is a great link for the VLC player, and to be able to watch most of my thai movies with subtitles, this is the best free player on the market plays everything, ive just found a new link that plays through this player English tv channels for free live!(bbc,itv,ch4+5,sky news,euro sport) and many more let me no if you want the link, has anyone got a link for the subtitles for Raging Phoenix, thanks

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