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Penang Calendar of Events 2009
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    Notice! Penang Calendar of Events 2009

    Penang derived its name from the word Pinang,which is betel nut.Pulau Pinang means the Betel nut Island.Betel nut,chewed together with betel leaf,is beleived to be a herbal medicine used traditionally for digestion.The chewing of the betel nut with its leaf will leave the mouth with reddish stain,and this traditional practice by locals is presently a regular habit of people in places such as Taiwan and Myanmar.Below is the calendar of events for 2009 in Penang:


    21/5:Cendana Hikathon
    A thrilling and exiciting adventure to test the agility of hikers.This event has attracted adventurous hikers from local and international.Hikers will admire the untouched natural trails around the Municipal Park and Penang Hill.
    Venue : Trails around the Municipal Park
    Organiser : Penang Adventurers Club & Municipal Council of Penang
    Contact No : +604-22602959

    30/5: Bukit Jambul Hiking Competition
    This event will attract 1000 hikers from within and foriegn countries.Participants will enjoy the natural and beautiful scenery around the hilly terrain.
    Venue : Bukit Jambul
    Organiser : Hiking Assc. of Bukit Jambul and MCP
    Contact : +604-2262959


    4/6-7/6 : Penang Turf Club Equestrian Centre Horse Show
    It is an equestrian event with competitions in dressage,show jumping and carriage riding.Apart from these competitions,there will be pony rides and carriage rides for the public.A carnival air will prevail with clowns,stage shoews for children,food and games stalls.There will also be an exhibition of various types/breeds of horses and ponies to educate the public an the equine industry.
    Venue : Penang Turf Club
    Organiser : Penang Tuf Club
    Tel. : +604-229 3233
    Email : or

    5/6-6/6 : Penang X'Games
    This event comprising of Skate Boarding and Inline Skating.The competition is to be held at the Penang Skate Park and will attracts participants from local and abroad.
    Venue : Penang Skate Park,Municipal Park.
    Organiser : Penang Extreme Sports Club & MCP
    Tel. : +604-226 2959

    23/5-24/5 : 29th Penang Dragon International Dragon boat Festival

    Rowers from all over the world including Canada,Russia,Germany and Australia come together to compete in this champioship.
    Venue : Teluk Bahang Dam
    Organiser : Penang International Dragon Boat Festivals
    Tel. : +6019-445 5166

    19/6-21/6 : ICT Penang Open 2009
    This annual event attracts international players of all parts of the world.This the place to test your knowledge in words game or known as Screbble.
    Venue : City Bayview Hotel
    Organiser : Penang Scrabble Club
    Website :

    19/6-21/9 : Auto City Carnival(in conjuction with Super GT)
    Featuring sports cars shows,parades,competition,pegeants and more.This happening event is sheer entertainment for everyone.
    Venue : Juru Auto City
    Organiser : Auto City
    Tel. : +604-504 1222


    3/7-5/7 : MATTA Fair Penang
    Fabulous discounts on airfares,hotels,tour packages to all over the world are offered in this eagerly anticipated tourism fair.
    Venue : PISA (Penang International Sports Arena)
    Organiser : MATTA Penang Chapter
    Tel. : +604-890 0106
    Fax : +604-890 0107
    Email : or

    1/7-31/7 : Visit Penang Heritage Celebration
    To commemorate George Town's listing as World Cultural Heritage City.A month long celebration filled with cultural perfomances,trditional crafts demonstration and exhibitions awaits you.
    Venue : George Town
    Organiser : Penang State Government
    Tel. : +604-650 5136

    11/7 : Penang 3rd International Skimboarding Competition 2009
    An annual international competition that is participated by the best skimboarders throughout Asia and Australia.Be prepared to be dazzled by the skills,aerial maneuvers and abilities,and wave riding techniques from the contestants.
    Venue : Batu Ferringgi Beach(Bayu Senja Complex)
    Organiser : Penang Skimboarding Association
    Mobile : +6012-406 5097
    Email :
    Website :

    18/7 : Penang Bon Odori Festival 2009A traditional Japanese festival with dance and lively drum performances held to welcome the homecoming of ancestral spirits.
    Venue : Penang Esplanade
    Organiser ; The Consulate-General of Japan
    Tel. : +604-226 3030

    24/7-2/8 : St. Annes's Feast
    A 9 day prayer ritual that draws a congregation of its followers.In conjuction with the annual St.Anne's feast which the Night of Candle Light Procession usually follows at the church grounds.
    Venue : St. Annes's Church
    Organiser : St. Anne's Church
    Tel. : +604-538 6405
    Email :

    26/7 : Penang Biathlon
    Participants will be tested physically and mentally through 2 discplines comprising of mountain biking and running through tough trails of Penang Hill.
    Venue : Municipal Park
    Organiser : Penang Adventures Club,Knights of the Round Table Club & MCP
    Tel. : +604-226 2959


    1/8 -9/8 : Wau(Kites) Competiton
    "Wau" , a traditional Malay kite and kites of other countries of all shapes and sizes will compete in this competition.
    Venue : Penang Esplanade
    Organise : Penang State Government
    Tel. : +604-650 5136

    20/8-19/9 : 'Pasar' and Bazaar Ramadhan 2009
    An excellent chance to pick from a full selection of local foods.Operated only during Ramadhan(Muslim's fasting month).Stalls open from 2pm until 7.30pm -8.00pm.
    Venue : KOMTAR Pedestrian walk
    Organiser : Penang Malay Chamber of Commerce
    Tel. : +604-261 3016
    Fax : +604-262 9903
    Email :
    Website :

    30/8 : Auto City Merdeka Countdown 2009
    Automotive enthusiasts will enjoy a feast of modified cars and auto saloon show besides great stage performance by invited artistes to grace the live concert.
    Venue : Juru Auto City
    Organise : Auto City
    Tel. : +604-501 1222

    30/8 : Merdeka Eve Celebration
    Malaysia's 52nd year of independence,will literally start with a bang of,rainbow-coloured fireworks display which is launch at midnight to mark the occasion
    Venue : Esplanade
    Organiser : State Legislative Assembly & Protocol Unit,Penang State Secretariat
    Tel. : +604-650 5141/+604-650 5287

    31/8 : Merdeka Day Parade
    A parade and host of performances are staged to commemorate Malaysia's 52nd National Day.
    Venue : Butterworth
    Organiser : State Legislative Assembly & Protocol Unit,Penang State Secretariat
    Tel. : +604-650 5141/+604-650 5387


    03/10 : Mid-Autumn Festival
    A family oriented celebration,entertainment,culturul & musical shows,children activities as well as a letern making contest is held in conjuction with this traditional Chinese Festival.
    Venue : Juru Auto City and Penang Chinese Town Hall Auditorium
    Organiser : Auto City and Penang Chinese Town Hall
    Tel. : +604-501 1222 or +604-261 7194

    5/10 : Hari Raya Open House
    This is the celebration to mark the end of Ramadhan(fasting month) where Muslims all over the world celebrate the start of Shawal.Traditional Malay cuisine and a splendid selection of local fare will be served to guests.All reces are welcome to join and celebrate it.
    Venue : KOMTAR
    Organiser : State Legislative Assembly & Protocol Unit,Penang State Secretariat
    Tel. : +604-650 5141/+604-650 5287

    11/10 : KOMTAR Base Jump '09
    This extreme tower jumping was first organised in Penang back in 2006.With an overwhelming response,it will be back again in 2009.Come and witness this hair-raising event.
    Venue : KOMTAR
    Organiser : Menara Kuala Lumpur
    Tel. : +603-2020 5448

    24/10-25/10:Mean Machines
    The 300,000 sq meter Mean Machines is the largest motoring event in the Northern Region.Apart from showcasing the largest offerings from various car models and accessories,there will be various competitions on car modification and sound.Special showcase of exotic supercars,superbikes,American muscle cars and antique cars as well as a drift demonstration.It will also host the largest gathering of car clubs in the region.
    Venue : Juru Auto City
    Organiser : Internasionale
    Tel. : +604-646 7866/+6012-483 2426

    26/10 : Deepavali Open House
    Come join the colourful celebration known as the Festival of Lights with cultural perfomances and activities and delicious Indian cuisine.
    Venue : Little India
    Organiser : Malaysian Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Penang
    Tel : +604-262 0960

    26/10 : Nine Emperor Gods Festival
    One of the important festivals celebrated in Penang.The 9 Emperor Gods festival(Kew Ong Yeah) is celebrated on the 1st till 9th day of the 9th month in the Lunar Calender.Many devotees go on vegetarian diet during these 9 days.
    Venue : Around Penang
    Organiser : Penang State Government
    Tel : +604-650 5136

    26/10 : Navarathiri Festival
    A Hindu religiuos festival similar to the famous chinese 9 Emperor Gods Festival,for 9 days,devotees pray to the Goddess Thurga.Goddess Laxmi and Goddess Sarswathy in hopes of power,wealth and education.A chariot procession will also take place on the final day of the festival.
    Vebue : George Town
    Organiser : Malaysian Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Penang
    Tel : +604-262 0960


    1/11 - 31/12 : Penang International Latern festival
    Intricately design laterns with multiple motifs will light up this festive season,chanting beauty along the anchanting full moon.
    Venue : Juru Auto City
    Organiser : Penang Tourism Action Council,Level 56,KOMTAR.
    Tel : +604-262 0202
    Fax : +604-263 1020

    14/11-15/11 : Penang Eco Challenge
    Participants from local and abroad will compete in this tough event located in Balik Pulau,Penang.Participants are required to compete in running,mountain biking,river rafting and absailing.
    Venue : Balik Pulau,Penang
    Organiser : Knights of the Round Table & MCP
    Tel : +601-226 2959

    17/11-19/11 : Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta
    The Regatta is Malysia's most challenging sailing event other than Monsoon's Cup in Trengganu,involving coastal passage races from Port Klang-Pangkor-Penang-Langkawi.Day races will be held in Penang and Langkawi.It attracts international boats and is in its 20th consecutive year.
    Venue : Tanjung City Marina
    Organiser : Royal Selangor Yacht Club
    Tel : +603-3168 6964

    28/11 : 16Th International Dance Sport Championship
    A dazzling dance sport event with international dancers taking to the stage with graceful abandon.
    Venue : PISA
    Organiser : Penang State Government & Malaysian Dancers' Assc.
    Tel : +603-3168 6964

    29/11 : Penang International Bridge Marathon
    This annual run over the third longest bridge in the world and along the scenic coastal highway caters to serious runners as well as those who enjoy some fun in the sun.Registration are open now.
    Venue : Penang Bridge
    Organiser : Penang State Government & LLM
    Tel : +604-650 5136


    1/12-31/12 : Pesta Pulau Pinang
    A month long fun fair with rides,games and trade exhibition to cater for the whole family.
    Venue : Pesta site,Sungai Nibong
    Organiser : Penang State Government
    Tel : +604-650 5136

    1/12-6/12 : Penang Rifles Int.Open Championship
    Firearm enthusiasts from the Philippines,Hong Kong,Singapore and Thailand get together to show their skills in this event.
    Venue : Penang Rifles Club(HQ)
    Organiser : Penang Rifles Club
    Tel : +604-226 2484/+6019-446 0880

    3/12-6/12 : The Penang Island Jazz Festival
    The 6th Annual Penang Island Jazz Festival will feature local and international artistes on the main stage.A number of supporting activities such as workshops,young talent jazz competition,poster,photography,painting and percussion exhibitions,fringe stage performances,community drum circle etc will be held in conjuction with the festival over the 4 days period.For more information please visit
    Venue : The City Bayview Beach Resort,Batu Ferringgi
    Organiser : The Capricorn Connection
    Tel : +603-2093 4725
    Fax : +603-2093 4726
    Website :

    4/12-6/12 : Penang Open Synchronise Swimming Championship
    Synchronised swimmers from China,USA,Singapore,Indonesia,Macau,Japan,Thailand are expected to participate in this event.
    Venue : PISA
    Organiser : Penang Amateur Swimming Assc.
    Tel : +6019-456 2681

    13/12 : Penang Starwalk 2009
    An annual event by Star Publications(M) Bhd,with the objective to promote a healthy lifestyle.
    Venue : PISA
    Organiser : Star Publications (M) Bhd
    Tel : +604-647 3388

    20/12 : Chingay Parade
    A annual parade of giant flags,colourful floats and acrobatic stunts.
    Venue : Padang Brown-City Hall
    Organiser : Penang State Government
    Tel : +604-650 5136

    01/05-22/05 : Lithographs Exhibition by Lee Kian Seng
    Venue : Penang State Art Gallery

    02/06-30/06 : Currency Exhibition by Dr. Ibrahim Bin Bakar(Private Collection)
    Venue : Penang State Museum

    03/07-31/07 : Fashion Exhibition by UiTM lecturers Faculty of Art& Design
    Venue : Penang State Art Gallery

    04/08-24/08 : Solo Exhibition by Tan Peng Hooi
    Venue : Penang State Art Gallery

    26/08-14/09 : Exhibition by Penang Oil Painting Society
    Venue : Penang State Art Gallery

    18/09-31/09 : Exhibition by Penang Teachers Art Circle
    Venue : Penang State Art Gallery

    02/10-16/10 : Exhibition by Penang Art Society
    Venue : Penang State Art Gallery

    18/10-31/10 : Exhibition by Penang Watercolor Society
    Venue : Penang State Art Gallery

    02/11-30/11 : Retrospective by Tay Mo - Leong 2009
    Venue : Penang State Art Gallery

    03/12-31/12 : Pesta Pulau Pinang 2009
    Venue : Penang State Art Gallery

    For further information regarding the location,time and fees,please contact the organiser.Or you can visit or
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    Re: Penang Calendar of Events 2009

    Penang International Dragon Boat Festival date has been change to 23/5-24/5 and the venue is at Teluk Bahang Dam in Penang.For further information please visit the official website.

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