THINGS YOU’LL HEAR: Whatever is fine

The Nation, Published on Jan 10, 2003

One of the expressions you hear most when you’re around Thai speakers is arai goh dai, which means “whatever is fine”, and also carries the connotation “up to you”.

Khun yaak ja pai du naang mai? – “Do you want to see a movie?”

Arai goh dai – “Up to you.”

But note that go dai can be put to a lot of other similar uses, simply by substituting arai with another question word:

Rao ja pai nai? – “Where shall we go?”

Pai nai goh dai – “Anywhere is fine.”

Rao ja ork pai meua rai? – “When shall we leave?”

Meau rai goh dai – “Anytime is fine.”

Rao ja gin raan ahaan arai? – “What restaurant shall we eat at?”

Raan nai goh dai – “Any one is fine.”

Rao ja chern krai? – “Who shall we invite?”

Chern krai goh dai – “Whoever is fine.”