Perfect formula
New boy band wins teen hearts with perfect package

Student Weekly, Story by Suwitcha Chaiyong

Did you Know ? AA likes to read and collects biographies of famous athletes.

They’ve got the perfect formula — good looks, great moves and a catchy chorus. They sing romantic pop songs that light teen hearts on fire. It seems the guys from Ozone have followed the boy band book of success to perfection.

So it’s no wonder that the band’s debut album, Ozone, has been a success. But the guys — Leelawut Hatakijkosol (AA), Steven Peter Arnold (Steve), Rachapon Lerdcharankul (Hinze) and Thanakorn Chinkul (Beau) — say that just because they followed the formula of others doesn’t mean they are old news.

After all, they say, check out their name. “For us, Ozone means to bring a fresh and lively atmosphere to the audience when we are together,” Beau says.

FMaking the band
Like most boy band members, the guys from Ozone were perfect strangers before they were thrown together as a band.

Yes, all of the guys were TV or magazine models before turning pop stars, but they guys insist they weren’t picked just for their looks. After all, the guys say they’ve been dreaming about singing all of their lives.

Dreams or not, the guys’ actual singing experience was quite limited. AA had the most experience of anyone. “I learned how to sing from my mother,” he says. “She told me that ever since I was a kid, whenever I heard a song, I always stopped playing and sang along. I also had a band with my friend when I was in Matayom. And I once participated a folksong contest at school.”

Besides singing, the guys also had to learn how to dance. This time, they found that Steve was the one to look to for advice. “As a kid, I learned the basics of dancing from my mother, who was a ballet dancer,” Steve says. “When I was growing up, I learned more about dancing at school.”

Dare to be different
With such vast experience, it might seem crazy to wonder about Ozone’s chances of making a name for itself in a Thai music market already flooded with boy bands. But the guys say they aren’t worried about it. They say they have the variety that will keep fans interested.

“We have four different characters and four different tones of voices,” Beau explains. “AA has a bright and cheerful character and sings with a low voice. Steve is outgoing and self confident and sings in a deep and warm tone. Hinze looks cool and mysterious and uses a sharp tone. And I am optimistic but shy and sing in a soft tone.”

Some people probably can’t see the difference between Ozone and other boy bands, but the band’s fans sure can. Several of Ozone’s songs have been shooting up the music charts. Such popularity surely can’t be a fluke.

But this is just Ozone’s first album and the first step in the guys’ music career. There is still a long way to go. Will the guys stand the test of time or continue to follow the boy band formula and slowly fade away? That is something only time will tell.

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