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ruk reu mai ruk by Dr. Fuu
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    ruk reu mai ruk by Dr. Fuu


    [ame=""]YouTube - MV €žล‡ รัหรือ„มˆรั Dr.Fuu Feat. ระ•[/ame]

    kit mai teung waa ja kit-teung ter
    Never thought that I would miss you.
    lae perng roo dtua waa mun long chop ter
    And I just realised that I had fallen for you.

    nee reuang jing reu ter glaeng la mer
    Is this true or are you pretending to be day-dreaming?
    gliat nuk mai chai ror
    You hated me very much isn't it so?

    ruk doi bang ern dtae mun gor gern hamm jai
    It's a love by chance but it's still too much for me to resist.
    mai dai fun ao wai dtae mun jai waa chai ter
    Didn't dream about it but I'm sure that it's you.

    ǩѹͧ 仨
    laew chan dtong kuan hen jai ngai bpai ja hai tur
    Then, I should sympathise with you. That would be too easy to give it to you.
    dieow gor ja dai jai
    In a brief moment you would have my love.

    ͡˹ ѡѡ
    bork noi si ruk reu mai ruk
    Say concisely then, love or don't love me?
    ѡ Ѵ Ѵѹ
    taa ter ruk ja dai bpai rut bpai mut ao jai rao wai koo gun
    If you love me, then I can go and tie and bind our hearts up as a couple.

    ѡʹ ѡ
    ruk ter dee mai ruk dee
    Is it good to love you or better not to love?
    er dee reu mai dee koom mai hai jai sun
    Er, good or bad, is it worthwhile to let my heart quiver?

    dtok long ja ruk reu mai ruk
    Agree to love or not to love?
    ѡ仫 仾仾ԧԧͺµ
    taa ter ruk ja dai bpai seung bpai peung bpai ping ing aep sai dtaa
    If you love, then we can go on deeply, relying, leaning, and snuggling up to each other eyes to eyes.

    taa ruk jing gor sunyah
    If you love truly then promise.

    chun ruk jing kor sunyah
    I love truly, I promise.

    maa te ruk gun
    Let’s come and love each other.

    chun ja mai yorm hai rao dtong praak jaak gun
    I won’t allow us to be separated.
    lae yaa bploi hai chun fun lam pang yoo kaang dieow
    And don’t leave me to dream alone unilaterally.

    taa chun mai yorm laew ngai
    If I don’t give in, then what?
    ͨЫմ 仹ҹ˹ѹ
    jai ter ja seet-seow bpai naan kae-nai gan
    Your heart would be wretched, however long we go on.
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