By Suwitcha Chaiyong

Kamikaze label's latest creation is Seven Days, a special group that features seven young female stars. Each singer wears a different outfit to represent the seven colours and personalities of girls born on each day of the week.

When the music video for their song "Pa Wa Lok Love (Love Situation)" was released, some K-pop fans criticised Seven Days, saying that their dance moves were too similar to Wonder Girls and Girls' Generation. Fortunately, Seven Days also had enough supportive fans to make the song a hit.

During promotional rounds for their new ballad "Ja Mee Sak Wan Thee Pen Khong Chan Mai (Can You Give Me Some Time?)," Student Weekly met up with three stars from Seven Days - 19-year-old Charattha Imraporn (Jam), 16-year-old Panyarisa Thienprasiddhi (Waii) and 15-year-old Jamila Panpinij (Mila) - to ask them about their new project.

STUDENT WEEKLY: Waii and Mila, why did you decide to change your style from hip-hop and punk to girly-pop for Seven Days?

Waii: I normally don't get to wear a sweet outfit like this, so it's a chance to change my style. I was a bit worried that my fans might not like it, but they've welcomed it. I like it, too.
Mila: This project is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I think our style is cute, but normally I wouldn't wear this type of gear. It's a bit too cute for my taste!

STUDENT WEEKLY: Have any of you ever had an embarrassing moment during a live performance?

Jam: Yes, with Neko Jump. My sister Noey and I once performed in front of some honourable guests, including the Japanese ambassador. During our performance, Noey's high-heel shoes got stuck in a hole on the stage. When she tried to pull it out, her shoe flew from the stage and landed on the ambassador's lap! There were journalists there from NHK, and everybody was stunned. It was really embarrassing!

STUDENT WEEKLY: What's your reaction to criticism that your dance moves are similar to Korean girl groups?

Waii: I feel sad about those comments. I also heard people say that our clothes are similar to Wonder Girls' outfits. People just say that because K-pop is trendy at the moment. We have a trendy image, but we don't imitate Korean artists.
Jam: If there was a Thai wave, people might say that Wonder Girls copy Thai artists because one of their dance moves is similar to what Thai artist Pookie Cha La La used to do.

STUDENT WEEKLY: Mila, how do feel about being nominated in the pickle category - for singers with bad voices - at the Hamburger Awards?

Mila: I didn't know about that. At least I got nominated for an award! Many people said that my singing was bad when my first album came out, but it's my punk style. I can sing other styles as well.
Waii: I heard Mila sing R&B, and her voice sounded beautiful.

STUDENT WEEKLY: Why should listeners get a copy of the Seven Days album?

Mila: This album is worth buying to hear songs from all these great female artists working together for the first time. We have a new look and our songs are cheerful. If anybody feels sad, listening to our songs will make you feel happy.

Did you know
The Japanese embassy chose Neko Jump to be Thai Kawaii Ambassadors.

Source: Student Weekly