I always like to taste the best food wherever I go. In Singapore, the best food will get the best crowd. I had 2 days on my own in Bangkok. It was a chance for me to see for myself.
I am more interested in roadside stalls and small coffee shops.
thats where I can make some comparisons. I heard so much of
the Thai famous Phad thai, or in simple term Fried Noodles which In Singapore we have about the same version as "Mee Goreng" and "Hokkien Mee".
I couldn't find a stall selling the Phad Thai, looking for other Thai food was a problem for me too. Maybe I was on the wrong streets. If this Phad Thai was famous in Bangkok, I should have no problem finding it anywhere . Instead, I found many Chinese food in Bangkok. In the end I bought a instant pre-package at the airport. The best varieties were the one at Chatuchak, where I managed to have a look.
I have many Singaporean friends who have been to Bangkok. When I asked them where the best Thai food were, None can tell me the where, the only reply I got was very cheap and good.
I am going to introduce to you a place where you can have some best thai food in Bangkok. The place is called "Sorn Daeng" I dont know what is the meaning, but I know the
"daeng" is red in Thai. It is near to Khao san (Rice grain), overlooking the Democracy Monument.
Judging by the facade of the restaurant, one can see it is a high-class place to eat. If you are inside, you can feel the ambience and the colonial furnitures around you, you will feel comfortable inside, not forgetting a Thai singer singing classical music as you tucked in your tummy. The place is worthy of a 5-star status where you can only find in Raffles Hotel in Singapore.
Take hearts, do not worry about the prices. You will be surprised that the cost of eating there for a small family is
equivalent to Singapore coffeeshops' stir-fried stalls.
A must for all Singaporeans and foreigners if you are interested.
After your dinner, take a 5 minutes stroll to nearby Khao san
night activities. It reminded me of once famous Bugis Street
in Singapore. So was the famous Sungei road, an equivalent to Chatuchak. It was sad that our children can no longer see
Bugis Street and Sungei Road anymore.