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Modesty in Thailand
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    Modesty in Thailand

    I'm a 20-something student and I'm going to be working on a lab placement in Maha Sarakham University.

    What is acceptable/not acceptable in terms of dress in work and casual dress outside it?

    Many thanks

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    Re: Modesty in Thailand

    I would say that starting out in somewhat conservative garb would be a start. Then, wing it....your first few days on-staff will show you what is expected and what is tolerated. I will say that university-level students in uniform are not the norm for what those from the EU or USA are used to. As a staff-member, I would almost say you will be expected to be conservative while at the university in the lab. I wish you well in your endeavor and do let us know how things work out. Chok dee.

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    Re: Modesty in Thailand

    all university students usually wear white blouses and a dark skirt. these are supposed to look decent but as you will see many girls wear the tightest blouse they can find and a skirt that merely covers their bum. some universities and departments are more successful than others in trying to enforce proper dressing, so you will see. you can buy uniforms cheaply anywhere. how long are you staying?
    I would suggest if you want to make a good first impression on profs and admins, then the blouse should not be too tight, short sleeved is ok, and the skirt should reach the knees. you don't want to antagonise the people you will be heavily relying on by looking like a tart in skimpy clothes.
    depending what kind of lab it is, I would guess there will be some kind of uniform that they will give you or ask you to buy.

    as for dressing away from classes.... you will see what the norm is at your campus. can be anything. many people often say that you shouldn't wear strapless and spaghetti straps and minis but if you look in the street many Thai girls do and not only the ones who want to look "free and loose". having said that, foreigners / tourists are generally very underdressed compared to the average Thai in any given area (city / village / beach), some are bothered, some are not.
    most Thais bathe in waterfalls and the sea wearing t-shirts are shorts. you won't be chased away if you don't, the question is, are you comfortable with being stared at and sticking out, or not. the same applies to skimpy streetwear.

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