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    New Reclining Chairs for Transfer Passengers at Airport

    A new area has been set up at the Transfer Passenger Lounge at Suvarnabhumi Airport. The purpose is to provide comfort for passengers that may have a long wait in the airport. The lounge, on the 3rd floor in Section B, has 28 comfortable reclining chairs. There are also large screen television sets providing entertainment. In addition, there is a new children's playground covering an area of 40 square meters. The Transfer lounge has been decorated with plants to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment. About 4 million transfer passenger pass through the airport every year which ss about 10% of total numbers. Transfer passengers usually stay at the airport from 1-12 hours.

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    Re: New Reclining Chairs for Transfer Passengers at Airport

    Yes there good for the old people, personally I like to do some exercises between two long hall flights, sitting on a plane for hours makes me stiff, I feel I need to move when I get off, putting on my personal stereo and dancing to the beat is more my thing in the lounge area.

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