Hello, all
I'm new to the forum, but I'm anxious to look through for any advice I can get in planning for a trip to Thailand this summer. My wife and I are teachers ere in the US, which gives us June and July to do our traveling. Since this is the time we have to come, we thought we'd see what events might be going on then and try to plan around them. We'd absolutely love to see the Phi Ta Khon festival going on, but I've seen conflicting reports on when it's likely to occur this coming year. The TAT site says June 25 through 27, which seems to be the most likely answer. I've also tried to go through them to find a good place to stay in Dan Sai, assuming that hotels fill up during the festival. I hoped that this far in advance we might get lucky, but now I seem to have run into a dead end getting an answer. Does anyone in the forums have experience with the Phi Ta Khon festival - maybe to recommend lodging or to give any other advice? If nothing else, is anyone fairly confident that these are the right dates? Thanks - we're looking forward to learning a lot more before we go...!