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Learning thai for first time
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    Joe Guest

    so happy!

    I will be going on holiday in Thailand for three weeks this december. Can't Wait. As part of my pre-plan session I decided to search the net for "learning thai" web sites. Google gave me this one right at the top of the list and everything looks great so far.

    What I want to know is how essential is learning Thai? I usually learn some words in a new language for every country I visit. But, some countries I discovered I didn't really need or use the words. While others it was essential to learn some basic phrases. Do the Thai like people talking Thai or do they prefer English? Also, how easy is Thai to learn? What are some useful phrases in Thai?

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    First, welcome to our web site and forum.

    When you arrive in Thailand you shouldn't really have a language problem if you stick to the main tourist route. The hotel staff will know "hotel English", the taxi driver will know "taxi English" and the shopkeeper will know "shop English". However, once you start chatting away about something unrelated you might have a problem. Also, once you leave the major cities and start going to places which don't receive many tourists you will again be presented with a few problems. That is why we are here to help!

    I think your first stop should be our:

    Top Ten Useful Phrases

    At the very least you should learn these words.

    Good luck (chok dee)!
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