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ѡɳ "lak-sa-na nahm"=Classifiers
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    so happy! ѡɳ "lak-sa-na nahm"=Classifiers

    if i use word" pillow" i can use which classifiser? i don't know, thank so much

    ѡɳ "lak-sa-na nahm"=Classifiers

    1. "kon"

    2. "dtoo-ah"
    animals,insects,fish,birds,tables,chairs,desks,shi rts,pants,dresses,coats,digits and
    letters of different alphabets,parts such as nails

    3.ѹ "kan"
    cars and other vehicles except carts,things with handles,utensils made of wood such as spoons and forks,umbrellas

    4. "lem"
    books,carts,candles,knives,swords,axes,pins,needle s

    5.ѧ "lang"
    houses,mosquito nets

    6.ç "rohng"

    7.͹ "gorn"
    cubes of sugar,lumps,chunks,pieces of charcoal,bricks,blocks,,rocks,clouds

    8. "koo"
    pairs of various things such as shoes,pairs of animals (but not if joined together)

    9.ѹ "ahn"

    10. "tee"

    11. "hor"
    things wrapped,bundles,packages

    12. "saen"
    ropes,lines,thread,strands of hair,string,cables,roads,long things

    13. "saai"
    ropes,kite string,belts,bracelets,necklaces,roads,power lines,streams,rivers

    14. "lahm"
    airplanes,boats,ships,long slender tapering objects,sugar cane,bamboo

    15. "taeow"
    loaves of bread,columns,row,line,string,file

    16.͹ "pohn"
    loaves of bread,a pound weight

    17. "pon"
    all kinds of fruit

    18.١ "loohk"
    all kinds of fruit,certain small round objects,balls,hills and mountains,typhoons

    19. "met"
    gems,pills,tablets,seeds,buttons,pits in fruits

    20. "paen"
    slices of bread,sheets of paper,CD's,boards,flat and thin objects,grammophone records

    21. "bai"
    fruit,eggs,containers,bags,boxes,cups,certificates ,tickets,cans,buckets,round and hollow objects

    22. "dton"

    23.Ѻ "cha-bahp"
    documents,letters,papers with printings and writings on them

    24.ش "choht"
    suits,sets of furniture,series of things,team of players

    25. "chin"
    pieces of anything,pices of bread,fruit,bread,cloth,furniture

    26.׹ "peun"
    pieces of cloth made to a specific size for clothes

    27.ͧ "forng"

    28. "haeng"

    29. "chor"
    bouquets of flowers,fruit in clusters

    sizes and dimensions

    31.͡ "dork"
    flowers,tire treads,patterns on clothes and cloth

    32.Դ "cha-nit"
    types,kinds and sorts of things

    33.ҧ "yahng"
    fashion,manner,method and also used instead of Դ "cha-nit"

    34.ǹ "kah-boan"
    trains,processions,convoys,marching soldiers,

    35.ѡ "gluck"
    small boxes like paper boxes for matches

    36.ǹ "moo-an"
    cigarettes and rolled things

    37.ͧ "sorng"
    envelopes,packets of cigarettes

    38.ǧ "doo-ang"
    stars,lights,postage stamps
    39.ͧ "ong"
    images of Buddha,palaces, pagodas;monks;king;royalty; royal-blooded persons;a god; a goddess; angels;inner organs;

    40ǹ "moo-an"
    tapes;rolled up things like silk;mats;tobacco;rolls of paper

    41.Ѻ "dta-lahp"
    tapes;cassettes; small boxes; cases

    42.͡ "cheu-ak"
    tame elephants bound with rope

    43.ŧ "klong"
    a herd of wild elephants

    44.к͡ "kra-bohk"
    classifier of flask; numeration of flask;classifier of gun; numeration of gun,glutinous rice roasted in bamboo joints

    45.ѳ "gahn"
    section; piece; part;sermon;preaching

    46. glohm"
    group,thread; string; cord; yarn,hemp

    47. "goh"(.)
    clump; cluster; tussock; grove; tuft,bamboo,bunches of plants

    48.ͧ "gohng"
    piled up stuff; heaps,troops; armed forces; army; forces;groups of people working on the same task

    49. "gahm"
    a handful of stuff; bunch; wisp; bundles of grass and vegetables;ear of rice; ear of paddy

    50. "ging"
    classifier of ivory;branch; twig; bough

    51. "guh-lee"
    package of 20 pieces of cloth; one score

    52. "glet"
    scale; fish scale,snow flake,borneol; borneo camphor

    53. "kot"
    coils of rope and wire; ring;rattan (palm);wicker (palm)

    54.Ѵ "ka-naht"
    plot; plot of land; bed; piece of land;garden

    55.ҹ "ka-nahn"
    numerative noun for drugs and medicines; kind

    56.Ǵ "koo-at"
    bottles;ink bottles;the volume of a bottle

    57.͹ "kohn" Used for singular numbers or for one pair on the same side such as bracelets (one "sohn" of bracelet) and conch shell (one "sohn" of conch shell)
    (a conch shell is used as a horn for pouring lustral water at weddings)

    58. "ket"
    a hank of yarn

    59. "bet"

    60. "kam-pee"
    scripture; bible; treatise; textbook

    61. "kahm"
    A mouthful;a bite;a line of poetry called ͹ "glohn";a part of speech;a remark

    62. "kreu-a"
    bunch of bananas

    63.ҹ "ngaan"
    a unit of area equal to 400 square metres or a quarter of a "rai"=100 wah;a social function or festival

    64. "jan"
    a spadix of a palm;a hurling device for lances

    65.Ѻ "jahp" ( also "ho-a")
    Thai rice noodles

    66.ҡ "chaak"

    67. "see"
    teeth;metal bars

    68. "daam"
    pens;rifle stocks;handles of tools like pickaxes

    69. "dohn"
    piece; stick of cut wood (as firewood);long stick (different from ͹ "tohn")

    70. "dton"
    numerical designation for giants;ascetic; recluse; hermit; holy man;ghost; spirit; demon; jinn; jinnie; genie;anchorite;one who has magical power; angel;priest; minister

    71.Ѻ "dtap"
    rack of firearms;row; line

    72. "dtrai"
    set of monk's robes; Buddhist monk's suit (robe, sarong, extra robe)

    73. "taow"
    vine; creeping plant; climber; liana

    74.ᶺ "taep"
    area; zone; region; side; sphere; district; belt

    75. "ta-laai"
    numerative of coconuts

    76.͹ "toohn"
    bit; piece; strip; section; fraction;a length;a lump;

    77. "tae"
    capacity measure; unit of capacity

    78. "taeng"
    numerative noun for bars, ingots, pencils

    79.Ѵ "nut"
    gun bullets;numerative for fired shots;cartridges;shells;fireworks; crackers; firecrackers;appointments;a date

    80. "naai"
    chief;master;boss;leader; commander;government officer; government employee;officials of the king; governmental employers in the palace but outside the inner quarter

    81. "bot"
    chapter; lesson;spell; incantation; magic;poem; poetry; verse;statement; term; message; text; passage; account;content

    82.ҷ "baht"
    canto; stanza;weight;foot,feet;ancient time unit;Thai currency

    83.ҹ "baan"
    a numerical noun for some flat thing like doors,windows,mirrors,frames

    84. "pan"
    clod; mass;chunks of material for molding

    85.ҡ "paak"
    snares formed like figures;fishnets;cast nets;fish trap; fish trap consisting of a long net laid across part of the river

    86.֡ "peuk"
    beeswax;wax; lumps of sugar;wad; mass; lump; cake; batch; pack; clod; block;stacks of paper

    87. "peun"
    numerative noun for saws;long flat objects;thin bamboo strips

    88.١ "poohk"
    a bundle of palm leaves with written texts of sermons on them;a sheaf;bundle

    89.ἧ "paeng"
    screen;flap;bamboo mat for partitioning or roofing

    90.ѡ "fahk"
    pod;hull;an ear of corn;peel of the tamarind fruit;fish's egg

    91. "faah"
    lids of earthern jars;Thai sweetmeat "kanom-krok";shells of molluscs such as snails

    92.٧ "foohng"
    animals of the same species appearing together in groups;crowds of people

    93.ͧ "pra-ong"
    used for revered people like Siddhartha Gautama=the Buddha;kings;a god; a goddess; angels;royalty; royal-blooded persons;His Majesty;Her Majesty etc.

    94.ǧ "poo-ang"
    bunch; string; cluster;a line of children;a lei;a wreath

    95.Ѻ "pahp"
    roll; bolt;folded cloth or paper;

    96. "poo"
    lobe shaped sections and parts such as one of the lobes that covers the fruit meat of a durian

    97. "pae"
    things arranged in a row;row of joss sticks;timber rafts;line of candles;fried rice stuck together;pounded unripe rice; shredded rice grain

    98.Ѵ "maht"
    things tied together in a bundle; bunch; package; parcel; fagot of firewood; truss; sheaf

    99. "ma-let"
    seed; kernel; pit; grain; stone; pip

    100.¡ "yok"
    volume measurement for timber (about one third of a cubic metre);round of a boxing match; bout;a sheet of printed paper folded for binding into a book;flogging; whipping; beating; thrashing; lashing;delivering a sermon;preaching

    101.ǧ "yoo-ang"
    the lumps of pulp in the jackfruit

    102.ǧ "roo-ang"
    ear of paddy; ear of grain

    103.ҧ "rahng"
    track;metal line;bamboo strips tied together by rattan used as matting in ship hold;carpenter's plane; abacus

    104.§ "ree-ang"
    overlapping betel leaves

    105.ͧ "reu-ang"
    story; tale; account; narrative;statement; term; message; text; passage; account;content;lawsuit; case

    106. "rai"
    unit of area equal to 1,600 square metres or 400 wah

    107. "laa"
    times;used as a numerative noun for number of times something is done

    108. "laow"
    flutes;pipe; wind instrument

    109.ǧ "wong"
    numerative noun for rings,circles and brass bands;a team of takrow players standing in a circle kicking the rattan ball;an orchestra;a music band;"sak-waa"song or poetry;a round metal gong;a circular trail

    110.Ǵ "moo-at"
    people,animals,and things put into the same category, group, type, division, section, sort, class, or grade

    111. "mooh"
    people,animals and things that stay or live together in the same area as a group;collection; bevy; squad; crowd; herd; flock; party;a squad of soldiers;an altar table

    112.ѧ "lahng"
    things that look like a roof such as dwelling; house;building;cabin;cottage;the howdah on the back of an elephant;cover; hood; top or a cab for a car, a wagon, or boat;shack; shad;movable throne; throne with four posts; movable pavilion with pointed roof;mosquito net; net;raft

    113. "wee"
    cluster of bananas still joined together

    114. "ho-ah"
    top and root of a plant;yam;wild yam;Thai rice noodle;taro root

    115. "haa"
    shower of rain; amount of rain that falls at one time;receptacle for collecting rain water

    116.˹ "naep"
    bundle (of banana leaves folded and rolled up for sale);flat hard metals joined together;car's suspension;tweezers; tongs; pincers

    117.ٻ "roohp"
    a numerative noun for pictures;figures;images;monks;priests;holy men;mendicants;novice monks;neophytes

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    Re: ѡɳ "lak-sa-na nahm"=Classifiers

    if i use word" pillow" i can use which classifiser? i don't know, thank so much

    The classifier for "pillow" is "bai"

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    Re: ѡɳ "lak-sa-na nahm"=Classifiers

    i was going to say ѹ... 555 but as Surawut says.... is the correct one

    I use ѹ for almost everything in my life though i'm a thai. lol sometimes i do forget which classifiers should be used also. you're not alone

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    Re: ѡɳ "lak-sa-na nahm"=Classifiers

    Quote Originally Posted by Surawut View Post

    The classifier for "pillow" is "bai"
    ١ lûuk - can also be used as a classifier for pillows.

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    Re: ѡɳ "lak-sa-na nahm"=Classifiers

    thank you very much
    ѧ¹·UBRU ͺسҡФѺ

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