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Topic of the Week: Urban legends in Thailand
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    Urban legends in Thailand

    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen Cleary
    Even for those who have never stepped a foot in the Land of Noodle Soup & Nose Jobs, chances are they’ve heard some classic Thailand myth worthy of an editorial column in the most sensational European tabloid. So worthy actually, that some of these urban legends have surfaced in such papers. But if you don’t read one in The Sun (UK), you’ll soon find a couple in some redundant second-hand guidebook, on trashy Internet forums, blogs written by 16 year-old school kids or daft videos on YouTube. However, the place best of all for enjoying Thailand legends are in the company of some know-it-all-farang at an expat pub or a hippy hangout who has consumed just that one too many Singha Beer. Yes, told by one those experts who after staying in Thailand for an incredible 6 months, believes he deserves an honorary doctorate in everything Thai.

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    Re: Urban legends in Thailand

    I have met people who visited Thailand for just a few weeks and come home experts, spouting their knowledge and arguing with anyone who just might also know something of the country and culture.

    They don't want to know that you were immersed into Thai culture a la 'sink or swim', or that you lived in the community and actually worked with Thai people (students).

    I find it most irritating, but have learned to just state the most simple facts in the most simple statement and let them share their superior knowledge.

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    Re: Urban legends in Thailand

    The problem i think is communication, we all like to chat, we all know a little about this and that but never enough,

    but then there is always one that believes he knows it all! been there done that type of person!
    also nobody likes being told there wrong, so that's when the snipes start back and forth,
    then when you actually know more than the village idiot! hes always got an excuse!
    every one can give an excuse its a lot harder to listen and respect what someone says even though you might not believe it,then give a objective response rather that a No should be this way or that way attitude,

    life's about learning not about excuses or blaming others, you only have one life, better learn to enjoy it.

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    Re: Urban legends in Thailand

    Since joining this site I had a conclusion on some of the forum members. Maybe certain jokes may not be accepted by all but still the more the marrier it would be. Critic's thrown out could be useful or if we don't like it then just ignore it. The truth is not everyone will like with every opinion/suggestion given. Life has to go on........................

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