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Thai language pack for this forum...
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    markoinbangkok Guest
    Hi folks. I have a forum based in Thailand and would be interested in letting our subscribers type in Thai. Ikonboard does not offer a Thai language pack and I can't find one either...

    Any help would be very appreciated.


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    Hi Marko! Go to VIEW on your menu bar (I guess you have IE) and choose VIEW SOURCE. Near the top of every page on our forum you will see this line:

    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=tis-620">

    This tells you that the character set is tis-620. (On some web sites you might see windows-874.) This tells the browser to use Thai font set. On your forum, you have ISO-8859-1. If I posted Thai on your forum, people would have to keep going to VIEW, ENCODING, and then THAI each time to read it. Having tis-620 at the top instead does this job for your visitor automatically.

    To set this up, go to ADMIN CP, BOARD OPTIONS, then scroll down to "YOUR DEFAULT CHARSET" and change this to "tis-620"

    The next problem you might have is if people don't have a Thai keyboard/Thai fonts. The following link gives a Virtual Keyboard:

    You can then copy and paste.

    Am I right in saying that you are on the other side of the river to us? Or, am I thinking of someone else? If you live nearby, and have free time, you are welcome to come and visit us at the school.

    (BTW, after you have had a chance to read this message I will move it to the Learning Thai forum. We don't allow English in the forum you just posted&#33

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    Marko, we don't normally allow newbies to put web site addresses in their signature (regulars can do this). However, as your personal site has 3 or 4 links to our web sites then we will turn a blind eye! While I am here, could you do us the favor and add to your "music" section? Thanks

    Oh yes, the link in your signature doesn't actually work anymore!!!! For people who don't know, Marko does a useful site about Thailand at

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    markoinbangkok Guest
    Thanks for the feedback...

    I am in Bangpoo and I used to work as a teacher at the Cambridge school in Paknam.

    I value this site and have always featured a prominent link to it on the front page of my own site...

    I would be happy to pay your school a visit and talk to anyone who would be interested!

    I appreciate you allowing my link to stand, but I must caution students that the information that you can find on 'markoinbangkok' may not be entirely suitable for all members reading this one.

    If you email me at I will be glad to make an arrangement for a visit and maybe feature the visit on my site to help further promote your own excellent and invaluable site...

    Good luck,


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    markoinbangkok Guest
    If Richard or Sawatdee (or anyone&#33 have a small banner they can send me I would be happy to place it on my front page.


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    markoinbangkok Guest
    Richard: I have followed your instructions and everything works just fine.

    (I didn't think it would be that easy&#33

    Thanks once again!


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    markoinbangkok Guest

    A prominent link to your site has been posted on the links page which can be found here!

    Good luck,


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