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Pronouncing a few words
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    so happy! Pronouncing a few words

    I am doing a speech on Phuket, as I find the culture very interesting to me! I want to be able to properly pronounce "jeh" and "Giu Ong." I would greatly appreciate help so I can properly pronounce this! Thank you so much! I know Phuket sounds like pooh-ket from what I have read, but I cannot find anything on these other two words.

    I was also wondering how to pronounce "Ma Song." Sorry forgot about that one!
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    Re: Pronouncing a few words

    Phuket = poo-gèt , don't say it "fu-gèt"

    I'm not sure about "jeh" and "Giu Ong".
    But "Ma song" should be "ม้าทรง, a horse for an angel", a temporary shaman (medium, invoker) for Chinese gods in the vegetable eating festival in Phuket.

    Ma Song = máa-song
    máa -> high tone, same level as "lunch"
    song -> middle tone, like "song" (a music) but shorter.

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