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    Hello Everyone,

    I was just wondering what people search for on the internet in Thailand and if there is any e-commerce or auction sites that are primarily used.

    Thank You,


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    Greg, i wishi could help but i am very new at this myself maybe other might be able to help
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    It's ok, thanks for your reply,

    But for anybody that could help I am curious of how the web market is in Thailand. In a few months I will be visiting Thailand and have a friend that will be moving back there soon and would like to help him get something going as a business on the internet. I have a few years experience here and in U.S. The internet is becoming a primary source for e-commerce, selling of useful information and services or whatever you want people to see locally and globally . If anyone is interested, I have an auction site set to provide virtually Free advertising around the world for whatever you want people to see, for example promoting this forum if you wish. It is similiar to Ebay but far less regulations, rules, and very very cheap if anything at all to advertise but most importantly, another place for people to see your site around the world. Please relply and I will provide the link.

    Thank You,


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