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    Will be staying along the river during our vacation. Will need to get a new men's suit. Any suggestion as to a good tailor (not necessarily the cheapest or the most expensive).

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    Good that you are willing to pay the price for quality.
    Simply put, a cheap BKK western styled suit looks like a cheap suit,no matter what.

    This is some advice that a close relative (actually my Dad lol) who was once a tailor gave to me:
    Find out if ALL of the work is done on site or sent out.
    Most of the shops sub out their work to big wholesalers and
    only make minor adjustments after the 2nd or 3rd fittings.
    Not that this is all bad...but if there is a costly adjustment needed he may be reluctant to bear the cost and not make you aware of it, or pass it off as normal if you should question something other than the routine sleeve length type things.
    Quote from a famous BBC comedy: "It'll ride up/down with wear" lol

    Ask to see some of their finished work that has not yet been delivered to customers...not the suits being used as samples..if it does not impress you..then odds are your suit will be no better... no matter how much you complain afterwards.

    Take a suit from home that has the cut and fit you like with
    you to the shop.
    Explain that this is the standard you are looking for.
    Good tailors enjoy seeing other tailors quality work and truly appreciate expert craftsmanship.
    *the cut of the new suit conforming to that of the one you have brought in as a sample
    *shoulder padding

    The hardest part is the fabric.
    Even with the best of tailoring a suit made of sub standard
    material will start looking shoddy in a short time.
    It's very hard to get top quality 100% wool fabric other than in the really fine shops. I myself can't tell the difference unless it is extreme.
    To most customers it's a blind item and you are left with having to rely on the honesty of the seller. Remember that in less honest shops the tags mean NOthing.
    I have heard of people bringing their own fabric with them.
    I would never do this unless I was a regular customer of a particular shop and would expect to pay more money for the suit to be made.

    After all this I haven't given you the name of one shop!!
    Best advice, start at the shops that are inside of the up market hotels and use their prices and quality as a measure of
    comparison with the less pricey shops.

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