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Queer Thailand
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Thread: Queer Thailand

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    Queer Thailand

    I think this is primarily for American university students, but thought I'd share. I work with our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender students on campus and received this announcement this week:

    Queer Thailand

    Queer Thailand Flier

    I wanted to send you an update regarding our Spring 2010 Queer Thailand program. I am pleased to let you know that TEAN is now offering an additional $1,000 scholarship to offset travel costs, etc. to any student that enrolls in this program within the next couple of weeks! We are able to extend the application deadline a little further to May 7th rather than April 15th.

    Students may elect to either do Module 1 for a 3 week program (3 credits), Module 2 for a 3 week program (3 credits), or combine them both for a 6 week program (6-7 credits). The scholarship would apply to any student regardless of the Module or combination that they choose:

    1) "Cultural Foundations of Thai Society" - First Module, June 13th to July 2nd (3 weeks)
    2) "Sustainable Development in Southeast Asia" - Second Module, July 4th to July 23rd (3 weeks)
    3) "Queer Thailand: Culture, Society and Sexual Identity" - Second Module, July 4th to July 23rd (3 weeks)

    This program will definitely be running for its inaugural summer, but for those students still considering what to do for their summer or any other outstanding student you would like to nominate that has an interest in Southeast Asian and/or LGBTQ studies, they have until May 7th to apply! Here is the link to do so: http://www.educationabroadnetwork.or...newaccount.php. The name of the program is listed as "Thailand Summer School - Payap University (Summer 2010)".

    Karen McBride
    Campus Relations
    The Education Abroad Network
    Study Asia/Study Australia/Study New Zealand
    220 W. Colfax Ave, Suite 600
    South Bend, IN 46601

    Toll Free: 800.585.9658
    Direct: 512.494.5446
    E-Fax: 509.357.9457
    Email: karen.mcbride at educationabroadnetwork dot org

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    Re: Queer Thailand

    I'm surprised Payap is offering a course like this - it is a Christian university.

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    Re: Queer Thailand

    what difference does religion make when it comes to sexuality especially "christian"

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    Re: Queer Thailand

    Quote Originally Posted by fish View Post
    what difference does religion make when it comes to sexuality especially "christian"
    Depends on the "Christian" Church! For example certain "Christian" churches in the USA , Africa, Caribbean, loosely, but not exclusively, collected under the label "Fundamentalist".

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