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Uni students take a punt _ on everything
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    Uni students take a punt _ on everything

    Uni students take a punt _ on everything
    Side bets on the World Cup keep youngsters on the edge of their bar stools

    Published: 4/07/2010 at 08:13 AM
    Online news: Local News

    Player, wide shot, player, audience,'' one student shouted, slamming down 30 baht on the table.

    ``I think it'll be player, player, wide, player,'' said another. After matching his friend's 30 baht wager, the two students stared at the two flat screen TVs at an outdoor pub and restaurant near Victory Monument. They were having a side bet on what sequence of camera angles would come in the World Cup elimination game between South Korea and Uruguay.

    It may seem small fry, but it's an indication of how widespread gambling is among students and how they are willing to bet on almost anything. But wagers can get bigger, with 10,000 baht up for grabs on games.

    The Bangkok Post Sunday joined a group of 16 Chulalongkorn University students at an outdoor pub and restaurant near Victory Monument last week.

    While Jom and Toey continued their side bets (which player would be featured in the next camera close-up), their fellow gamblers enjoyed their meals, smoked cigarettes and laughed at the absurdity of the latest wagers.

    ``We have these little, fun bets in between, just to keep the boredom down,'' said a female student. ``We often shout out insignificant wagers from the start of the game, just whatever comes to mind. It makes things more enjoyable.''

    The night started with a small group of students seated outside a dimly lit late-night cafe. Crowded around a laptop streaming footage of the game, the young gamblers started by placing bets on which team would win. Despite an unreliable internet connection, the group carried on placing bets while tucking into local dishes and alcohol.

    The students threw in sums ranging from 200-500 baht each with the total pool for picking the winner reaching 8,000 baht.

    Side bets were made throughout the match on smaller outcomes like the number of goals each team would score, which side would score first, and which player would be ruled off-side first.

    The teenagers also bet on which foot a player would kick the ball with or which side of the field the ball would land.

    The stakes for these side bets were low _ usually from 20-50 baht per bet _ and when their money ran low they wagered other things; dim sums, mixed drinks, cigarettes and even handbag items, such as a hedgehog keychain.

    According to the Economic and Business Forecast Centre at the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, this year's football wagering is projected to net out at more than 37 billion baht during this World Cup season alone.

    While local schools are doing their best to discourage gambling, authorities have also executed a few well-publicised crackdowns, with almost 300 gamblers detained and more than 500,000 baht seized so far.

    But this has had little effect on the Chulalongkorn students gathered at the pub. Other than an initial, brief scan of the public location at the start of the game, the young gamblers showed no signs of anxiety over law enforcement.

    ``We have never even heard of anyone we know getting busted by a policeman [while gambling on the World Cup],'' said one of the students at the open-air bar.

    ``We're just having some fun during the World Cup. The police have more serious things to worry about, and [we] shouldn't be scared of being punished because we're not doing anything morally wrong.''


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    Re: Uni students take a punt _ on everything

    Today me and my friends were playing a game of pok deng at somebodies house and when somebody knocked on the door they couldnt hide their money fast enough. My friends are terrified of the police or maybe one of their parents stumbling in

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