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    A few questions about Bang Phli!

    Hi all,

    this is my 1st post so I would just like to say hello to all the regular contributors to the forum.

    I will shortly be moving to the area as I will be starting work in the Bangphli Yai (Soi Yingcharoen/Bangphli - Tamru Road) area of Samut Prakarn.

    I am hoping I can get some good guidance for a few questions I have prior to making my move there.

    What sort of prices should I expect to pay for a 2/3 bedroom house in the area, I would like to remain fairly local initially (until I get to know the area) so I may even consider renting an apartment until I find something more suitable.

    I have 4 young (ish) children (ages 2, 7, 10, 11) that will need schooling, so any recommendations for local schools would be good to know, along with other details that may be of use for me. My 3 eldest kids were all UK born and so are native English speakers so an international school may be of interest, but I think they may well be out of my price range for the time being, so a well run Thai School with a decent study curriculum would probably be the best option for me initially.

    Lastly, are there any local learn Thai centers in the area? I will need to sharpen my Thai skills pretty quickly once I get back to work there, so any recommendations for reasonably priced Thai language classes in the area would be great.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: A few questions about Bang Phli!

    Are your kids bilingual? If they haven't got any Thai language skills, they won't cope in a Thai school. And you'll be coming pretty much in the middle of the academic year.

    In the immediate area there's Nantawan International School, which I think calls itself a trilingual school (Thai-English-Chinese) and maybe worth a look.

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    BangkokButcher Guest

    Re: A few questions about Bang Phli!

    They have been living and going to school in Thailand now for over 2 years, so although their Thai ability is not quite 100% as yet, they are getting close.

    Thanks for the advice on Nantawan, it's appreciated, but it's just a bit out of my expense range at this time, 100k + per term per child.
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    Re: A few questions about Bang Phli!

    Welcome to the forum. I've been living and teaching in Samut Prakan for three years now. I only discovered this forum comparatively recently and was asking about Thai language school, it turned up blanks. The only solution is to pay a Thai to teach you privately, which many teachers are happy to. I ended up returning to study at MMC which have branches at Bang Na (Near Central mall) and also Asoke. It's 7,000 per month (learning every day, or every evening) and they are used to foreigners so you make faster progress, I feel, compared with learning Thai with a well-meaning local teacher.
    As for housing, I rent close to Srinakarin road and the cost of a 3 bedrooom house in the Bangphli Yai road could be anywhere between 10-30,000 per month, which isn't helpful I know, but there are so many variable like the age, type, location, furniture and size. You'll expect to just pay the standard 2-month deposit in all likely-hood.
    As for schooling, The ones closest to you are the American International School of Bangkok, Natawan, Concordian, or the Thai-Chinese International School, all of which probably offer sibling discounts, but if that's too pricey, you're looking at a Thai or bilingual school and it depends on how far you want to travel. My best advice is to ask your neighbours once you move in for their suggestions and opinions - they'll likely know more than I do!

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    Re: A few questions about Bang Phli!

    Hi Pakdude, and thanks for the welcome.

    I'm glad to hear of the couple of options I may have with the language learning, I think I will just get stuck in with the workers initially to see what I can pick up over the 1st 3 months or so, then I will do some more research on paying for some tuition. I am ok with basic conversation, but I need more than just a little bit of work on my comprehensive and business language skills.

    I spent last week in the area, and I managed to shortlist a number of apartments that will do the trick for the time being. It would be nice to get a small house in the future, but I will see what happens.

    I also managed to check out the prices of the local international schools, and yes, they are all way out of my budget, so I will do as you say and check out my options with others on bilingual schools when I am there permanently (less than a week now ).

    Just out of interest, is there much of a farang community in the area?
    I would be good to meet up for the occasional chat/beer/bite to eat with others in the area, if so, where to they go??!!??

    Thanks again.

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    Re: A few questions about Bang Phli!

    Hi I'm also new to the area from the UK with Thai wife and 2 kids girl 9 and boy 5, looking for good bilingual or cheap international school in the area, very interested what u found for schools and anywhere for falangs to meet up for a drink, much appreciated

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    Re: A few questions about Bang Phli!

    Hiya, my name is Daeng. As you can tell from my name that I am a Thai or origin, but I grew up in New Zealand. My children and I moved to Bang Phli about 5 years ago and have settle there until last school summer holidays where we went back to NZ for a visit, but ended up staying back in NZ for a year and a half. While we were living in Bang Phli my kids went to Sararas Wited Suvarnabhumi school. This is a bilingual school based on King Kaew - Narm Daeng rd. Fortunately for us we brought a house right next to the school so travel to and from school was not a problem for us. What can I say about this school and their system? It's very different from the education system that we know and used to back home. But I must admit that it did help my children to applied their study skills that they have learnt and obtained from Sarasas back in NZ, this helped my children age 10 and 7 years old exceed academically very well there.

    Right now I am traveling in London and Ireland but will be back in Thailand from this Saturday so if you would like more information feel free to drop me a line. I am moving back to NZ, so will be renting out my three storey town house out. Fully furnished with high quality furniture.

    Unfortunately I lost my phone at survanabhumi airport so cannot give a contact number as yet. I do check this forum on a regular basis so please leave me a msg a I will get back to you.


    PS.. As for Farang get together, there are many British living in the area and their children goes to the same school.

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