201M Postcards sold in cup draw
Published: 11/07/2010 at 12:00 AM
Newspaper section: News

Punters have bought 201 million postcards in a World Cup lucky draw which carries a first prize of 10 million baht cash.

Thailand Post Co said yesterday that 201 million World Cup postcards had been sold since the tournament started in the middle of last month.

Yesterday was the deadline for mailing in the postcards, predicting the winner of the tournament. The majority waited until after the semi-finals to choose either Netherlands or Spain who play for the championship early tomorrow morning. Businesses are sponsoring the lucky draw.

On Thursday, Thailand Post reported that three million World Cup postcards had been mailed in. The sale of 201 million cards surpassed target, said Thailand Post, which expects to make more than 400 million baht from the competition.

In the northeastern province of Surin, the number of residents selling their mobile phones jumped by 40% over the World Cup period.

Authorities suspect people sold phones to pay off football gambling debts. More than 1.7 million World Cup postcards had sold in Surin as of yesterday, the local post office said.

People flocked to local post offices in the province where the postcards were quickly snapped up.