Officers learn not to cross thin blue line
Errant police get a second chance thanks to an ethics training course

Published: 27/09/2010 at 12:00 AM
Newspaper section: News

It is a place for instilling virtue that errant Consumer Protection Division police are reluctant to enter. The CPD has a new glass-walled office at its headquarters set aside for correctional training. The second-floor office bears a sign: "Virtue and Ethics Training Room for Police".

CPD staff who show signs of poor conduct are taken there for brush-up courses that can last for weeks.

The office has no curtains and occupants can be seen clearly from elsewhere on the floor. Staff sent there for lapses on the job cannot leave until the courses end.

Chaturong Pumarin, chief of the division, said the presence of the office serves as a warning to staff who have not yet broken any law but demonstrate behaviour which could lead to more serious misconduct.

The correctional training process can last from seven to 30 days depending on the degree of misconduct.

Tanai Apichartsenee, the agency's deputy chief, oversees the glass-walled office.

Ten officers including a lieutenant colonel and nine non-commissioned subordinates recently took a 15-day ethics course, Pol Col Tanai said.

They were punished after Pol Maj Gen Chaturong discovered they had released a cellphone vendor arrested for failing to put instruction labels on his products. A policeman who claimed to be a friend of the suspect negotiated his release.