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Bangkok to Bangalore, India
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    Bangkok to Bangalore, India

    I would like to take a side trip to Bangalore, India while I am visiting Bangkok. What are my choices for buying in country airline ticket to Bangalore? Do any of the low-fare Thai airlines made the trip to India?

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    Re: Bangkok to Bangalore, India

    Not Nok Air, for sure... Not sure about the other low-budget Thai airlines. But how long do you have to spare in BKK to want to spend some time in Bangalore?

    If it's non-budget, you can check out Thai airways. Cos when I did an India trip in 2008, we flew from SG to transit at BKK, before heading off to Varanasi. If Thai Airway did from BKK to VRN, then perhaps it may have one from BKK to Bangalore. Gd Luck...

    (P.S. I will still think Thailand in itself is already worth a month and more).
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    Re: Bangkok to Bangalore, India

    Just in case someone needs to know...Thai does Bangalore each day (some 3.4 hours), arriving at around 11 in the night or so. If you want a cheaper fare, I think there is an option of Indian Airlines and maybe Jet Airways(not sure). Whether they are cheaper not sure.
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