While my goal in learning Thai is being able to read books and newspapers, its a pretty big chore and am constantly hitting walls (no, I wouldnt always call them opportunities as previously suggested), for now all I can hope for is getting by and having a little fun along the way. For those who can read Thai or would like some practice at informal, normal, spoken Thai there is a lot of material at http://www.clinicrak.com . A good starting point would be the boards at: http://www.clinicrak.com/webboard/main.htm . There are many bulliton boards and FAQs dealing with love, families, and sex education. Hopfully Ill never have to hear again from my girlfriend after taking notes to ask her, Kon Thai mai poot baab nia which happens much too often when I read books in Thai. Another good way to get some real Thai is by looking for magazines with lots of quotation marks, meaning that youre reading spoken Thai. I know that may sound kinda dumb but my reading comprehension made a big jump after finding some teeniebobber magazines with tons of interviews of the latest heart throbs.

Does anyone know of other bulliton board websites that I can devour?

My next question was posted last week but got lost before this part got any response. These are words that are similar but I am never know which to use when. Can someone give some examples to emphasize the differences? When they are interchangable and and when they arent?

Ҿ condition, state, nature
ʶҹҾ status, condition
ʶҹó not in my dictionary, but its along the same lines
state, condition, status
condition, nature
ҡ state, condition, manner, symptom, indication

My dictionary gives pretty much the same explanation for each word, except for ҡ which is used generally for a symptom of an illness.

Thanks for any help.
P.S. Should I have posted these 2 questions separately?