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please help find this 90s Thai series
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    please help find this 90s Thai series

    I kept going back to the memory of this series I watched when I was really young. It should be in the late 90s. I'm not familiar with thai actors so I've no idea of the actors' names. The only clue I have is the vivid storyline. So here goes

    There was this innocent young girl (from a village I think) who went to look for a job at a hotel. She got the job at the hotel as a hotel maid I think. There she met a charming man who was very nice to her, he was really handsome as I remember . One day this hotel maid girl went into the guy's room and he raped her, so he's not a good guy afterall The girl ended up getting pregnant.

    The story fast forward years later.
    A young cute girl came back from overseas and we see the hotel maid girl who's now aged though still beautiful. The cute girl is the daughter of the hotel maid from the rape. (from now we shall refer to hotel maid as mother and cute girl as daughter) Daughter is a very cheerful girl and seems to be very happy to see her mother after a long separation. Mother is very cold towards daughter, she seems to have become a bitter woman. From what I remember the mother sent the daughter away from a very young age because she doesn't like this daughter who's a result of a rape. Daughter doesn't understand why her mother dislike her because she doesn't know that she's a result from a rape.

    Now mother is a rich woman, she's been single ever since. One day daughter met a handsome older guy and they're attracted to each other. We can see that he's the same guy from the hotel who raped mother, which makes him her father. Both daughter and father have no idea who each other are. When daughter took the guy(father) to see mother, both mother and guy remember each other and mother really hates him but never say a thing.

    Daughter and guy kept on dating because guy still has no idea that she's his daughter, which makes it incest. They ended up falling hard for each other and plan to get married. I think it was during their wedding that mother committed suicide by slitting her wrist in the hotel room where she was raped. Daughter and guy found mother with her wrist slit and that's where they finally find out that they are father and daughter.

    It's not detailed and I'm probably missing a lot of stories but that's all i can remember and I think it's pretty much the gist of the series.

    Please anyone help me find the name of the series! I'd really really like to watch it again!

    Thankyu for any help!

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    Re: please help find this 90s Thai series

    I'm probably stating the obvious (and the troublesome) approach... Did you try Youtube cos I was searching for something else but "Thai lakorn" came up easily as a common search term so I guess it may be an option if you can remember the first episode i.e. some distinctive scenes from it. I know how it's like to really like and always remember a show from long ago, and craving so much to watch it again, cos I had happily just found the Thai movie I had once watched more than a decade ago, and which had haunted me ever since
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