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Disabled dad fights on for his kids
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    Disabled dad fights on for his kids

    Disabled dad fights on for his kids
    By Wannapa Khaopa
    The Nation
    Published on December 4, 2010

    Being a good father is hard enough for anyone. For a man with a disability, it's even harder. But despite having only one leg, Chalit Numma, 45, says his disability has not stopped him from being a good father to his two daughters.

    "I aim to see both my daughters graduate with bachelors degrees," said Chalit, who lost his left leg in a landmine explosion when he was 22. "Although I don't have a lot of money, I will do my best to earn as much money as I can to pay for their education."

    Hi youngest daughter, nine-year-old Thossaporn, is studying at primary school, while 14-year-old Thitapa is in secondary school. The family lives in Nonthaburi.

    "Being a disabled father is hard," he said. "I cannot work as hard as others. When I walk or carry heavy objects, my plastic prosthetic leg wounds my skin. It hurts, but I try not to stop working because I want to get a full wage."

    Chalit is not the only disabled member of the family. His wife Sawaeng, 42, has a withered leg.

    Born into an agricultural family upcountry, Chalit's education ended after primary school. Afterwards he went to an occupational training centre, learning welding and engine repair.

    "I'm lucky that the Thai Wheel Factory run by the Thai with Disability Foundation has employed me as a welder for almost 10 years," he said. "But the monthly salary of about Bt8,000 is not enough to feed my family and pay for my daughters' education. Therefore, my wife and I do other jobs to earn more."

    For the past three years, after finishing work at the factory, Chalit has ridden out on his three-wheeled vehicle to sell lottery tickets. Sawaeng, meanwhile, runs a small hair salon on the first floor of the house they rent, and sells steamed rice.

    Chalit urged any able-bodied fathers feeling discouraged by life's challenges to fight on. "Every part of your body works well. We, the disabled, keep on fighting. Why don't you?" Chalit said.


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    Re: Disabled dad fights on for his kids

    That's the spirit. Well done
    Sleep, little one, close your eyes, mother will sing you a lullaby... Sleep in a jewel cradle, sleep, mother will rock you.
    If you don't sleep the midges will go for your eyes and pollen will fall on the cradle....Sleep, close your eyes...
    - Isaan folksong, from "The Price of a Life" (Onkom, 1997)

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