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Thailand itinerary help!
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    This is my itinerary for late june to mid july I'm there 6/28-7/17, any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated. Tell me if i 'm going to the wrong places that sorta thing. This is my 1st time in Thailand and I'm hoping to do some culture (i'm a big art/history person), beaching, scuba and a little partying. Thank you in advance for your help.

    Ko Samui
    Kohphangan (for FMP is this really worth it or does it matter when I go here?)
    Ayuthaya (how many days do I need here? I have 2 so far)
    Koh samet

    I though about adding Phuket and maybe Sukhothai should I? Appreciate the help


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    What you have listed sounds OK. You probably won't spend much time on Koh Samui as the smaller islands are much better for scuba diving. You can do Ayutthaya as a day trip from Bangkok if your time is limited. Or two nights if you want to take it easy. Koh Samet is a good island which is a hundred times better than the beaches at Pattaya. A lot of people don't like Pattaya because of the nightlife. But, if you are into that kind of thing then you would enjoy yourself there.

    Sukhothai is not really that important if you have already been to Ayutthaya and your time is short. You might want to think about Chiang Mai as an option. You can do treks there to the hilltribes, bamboo rafting and elephant rides. Chiang Mai is very different compared to central and southern Thailand.

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    Hello! Your itinerary sounds as good as any.

    I would start in Bkk and visit:
    The Grand Palace and Wat Prakaw
    Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn)
    Wat Pho
    and the National Museum

    Then head South.

    Like Sawatdee said, Koh Samui is not so good for scuba diving. In fact, it has become very commercial. You will find night life here if that is your thing. But the beaches are crowded. A good place to Scuba dive is Kho Tao (Turtle Island) south of Kho Samui. It is still natural and not as crowded. The full moon part is a bit over rated now. It has become too popular and is now over flowing with dangers and cops. Be careful if you go.

    I would stay away from Pattaya or Phuket unless you are into the seedy side of nightlife.:: Both these places are teaming with it and not much else.

    You may wish to go east. Like Sawatdee said, Kho Sumet is nice or you could go further to Kho Chang - excellent for scuba diving!

    In terms of Ayutthaya, even one day is enough (all be it a full day). Sukhothai is nicer than Ayutthaya from an astetic stand point, but further away. (I disagree with Sawatdee that Sukhothai is not really that important if you have already been to Ayutthaya. The two have different architectural styles as well as different archeological points as the two are from different dynasties that impacted the Kingdom).

    I wouldn’t go to Chiang Mai on limited time, save it for your next trip. But, you may wish to go to the River Kwai in Kanachanburi. It is close and there is an interesting war museum there. You can stop off at the floating market while there.

    End in Bkk for a day or two and shop at:
    The Weekend Market (Chat-U-Chak)
    And visit any last minute temples

    Good Luck and Have fun in the Land of Smiles!

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