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Overnight trains to Surat Thani
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    question Overnight trains to Surat Thani

    hi! i am coming to thailand for the first time this summer and i am looking for advice on my travel arrangements:
    i will be arriving at bangkok airport on 16th july (at 3-15pm if the flight is on time). i am volunteering (at a vet clinic!) on koh phangan for a month so i need to travel straight to surrathani...and i would love to be able to travel straight down on an overnight train (or a bus)...BUT...i am aware my flight might be delayed etc. etc. so im not likely to be able to get to the train station before 7 or 8pm.
    in theory i think i should be in time to get an overnight train but i know booking is recommended. since i wont be in bangkok before hand i can't really book a

    i was wondering if anyone could advise me as to the likelihood of there being a last-minute space on a late overnight train to surrathani in mid-july?

    if i have to stay overnight near the train station in bangkok, can anyone recommend any (cheap) rooms in that area?

    any general advice!?

    thank you so much!


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    Hi, Beth,

    I guess not many people are familiar with that train route. Sorry. I've only taken the N, NE route. But I've found a schedule here, which shows that you have 4 possible trains to get there directly. That will give you more option. If you need to spend the night, why not go to Khao Sarn Road, always a room to spare there. It's not too far away, and you get to see a bit of Bangkok. There are many hotels close to the Train station, try Manohra Hotel, it's about 1,000 Baht a night. If you want something more economical you'll have to stay further away, there are B&B around Soi Yenakart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Quote[/b] (globalwoman @ April 29 2004,03:42)]Hi, Beth,

    I guess not many people are familiar with that train route.
    I think you are right, most people fly. I still take the train, and I prefer the later ones. The sleeper cars are very comfortable. If you have not traveled on an air conditioned Thai train, please bring a jacket. They get very cold. I usually take the 2nd class cars because the AC is too cold for me.

    After you arrive at Surat Thani you will have to take a taxi to the ferry. There are always taxis but I do not remember the ferry schedule. If there are trains that arrive in the middle of the night, you will be waiting around for the ferry for a long time. Thatís why I like to get there after sunrise.

    Globalwomanís hotel recommendation is probably more comfortable than the place I stay, but if you want to save money you can try the Station Hotel. It is right across the street from Hua Lumpong train station. Fan rooms are 250THB/nite. The Station Hotel always has rooms, but if you want you can fax them at 662-613-9411.

    One more things: At Hualumpong they encourage people to check their bags while they are waiting for the train. This helps prevent theft. If you have luggage, someone will come up to you and offer to show you the way to the luggage desk. As for food, there is a great food court in Hua Lumpong, and there is a nice little place that serves coffee too.

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