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Kamphaeng Phet
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Thread: Kamphaeng Phet

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    question Kamphaeng Phet

    Greetings All, Im sorry if I got the spelling of the city wrong (I am from Denmark and can not speak or write in Thai) Its the city in Chiang Mai region, North Thailand

    My father's aunt was a misionary in Khampang Pet and converted some Thai people to Christians, opened a school or a nursing home (At least I think it was) there. She also adopted a few children and could speak and write Thai real good.

    Now I my self am planning a trip to Thailand, to go to exactly this place and I would like to hear if some are from there or been there ? And could tell what its like there, all in all How is Khampang Pet ? I cannot remember my father's aunt's name as I didnt knew her my self., she had passed on before my time, but I really think that people i Khampang Pet know of whom I speak.
    Atleast Ive been told that she was a good hearted person by my Father and his father, which had a good reputation.

    Thanks in advance for any help at all

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    Kamphaeng Phet is on the way to Chiang Mai. It is very much like Nakhon Sawan and Salaburi and Phitsanulok; quiet towns without the geography or history to attract tourists. However, it is big enough that it will not be easy to find this nursing home.

    All I have ever done there is eat and buy gasoline so I can not suggest any place to stay. It looks like a good place for your first visit. Hope you have a great trip.

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    I remember we stopped there on the way to Sukhothai. The town isn't very big. They have some interesting temple ruins though not on the same scale as Sukhothai or Ayutthaya.

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    delawang Guest
    Your students did a GREAT job learning about Kamphaeng phet. Did you take field trips often?

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    Gooday, I was in Kampaengphet in april 2004.
    The town is quiet and very provincial.
    The Phet hotel was around 550 bt a night breakfast included.
    The Timberhut has cheap meals menu is in thai only.
    Bus from BKK 212 bt about 6 hours.
    Songtaew from bus stop to Phet hotel 80-100 bt.
    English is not very widely spoken.
    My very basic thai skills were really put to the test here.
    motosai taxi 20-30 bt all over town.
    Eagle bar near the timberhut has good music and ok food.
    I stayed for 6 days to long for a farang ruins ok for photos.
    Very hot if you walk anywhere take water, me 4-6 litres a day

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    I visited there just about two weeks ago to meet with someone there. By bus from Bangkok. It's a good old town. Not big. Has a relic of defense wall (from the invasion by Phama - Mymmar), just like its name - "Wall of Diamond (meaning "tough and solid")."
    Pleasant to stay there (for me very much), if you don't expect so much luxury and fun at all.

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