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    New Night walking street for small business

    Night walking street for small business
    Published: 5/08/2011 at 02:46 PM
    Online news:

    The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) plans is to turn Rachini Road in the city's Phra Nakhon district into a night walking street with markets selling a wide range of products.

    Deputy city governor Teerachon Manomaiphibul said the new walking street would help small businesses as well as serving as a new tourist attraction in the city's old neighbourhood.

    Mr Teerachon said the city will also reopen old city canal areas and Sanam Luang as tourist attractions and retail space on Tuesday.

    Businesses and services in those areas will begin at 7pm and end at 1am .

    Next Tuesday onwards the city will open zone 1 of the Rachini area. Most retailers in zone 1 sell vintage and second-hand products.

    Mr Teerachai said if zone 1 proved popular with city residents and tourists, the city will later open up zone 2 and zone 3 of the neighbourhood for international food and sales of creative products, gifts and fresh flowers.


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    Re: New Night walking street for small business

    Opening hours from 7pm to 1am sound good, but especially vintage and 2nd hand goods!
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