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The nuance between ˹ѧ͹ and ˹ѧ?
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    The nuance between ˹ѧ͹ and ˹ѧ?

    Hi. How to differentiate between these two:

    ˹ѧ͹ and ˹ѧ (that book)

    When do we use ˹ѧ͹ and when do we use ˹ѧ?

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    Re: The nuance between ˹ѧ͹ and ˹ѧ?

    Both mean exactly the same.

    is the Classificator for ˹ѧ but in this sentence it is very clear what you want and you are talking only about 1 Book so you can skip the Classificator and the first sentence is just a short form of the second sentence.

    When you are speaking about more then just one Book for example then you have to use the Classificator to make the sentence clear.

    Remember using the Classificator makes the sentence clearer and sounding smoother and nice, but in many situations you can just skip it.

    Like Personal Pronouns, when it is clear you speak about whom, for example about yourself, you can also skip Personal Pronouns.

    Like in any other Language many Words can be skipped depending on the situation.

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