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Freshwater fishing in Thailand
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    question Freshwater fishing in Thailand

    Is anybody able to tell me something about freshwater fishing in Thailand? Any ideas for the best locations, are there any restrictions, e.g. do I need a license?
    It is allowed to go fishing at the numerous reservoirs?

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    paul_faz Guest
    Hey starlight,

    i feel qualified to answer this one, i have been freshwater fishing in Thalland for some 5 years now. Own my own trailer boat and fish regularly on the big reservoirs for Snakeheads.

    Essentially you can fish pretty much anywhere in Thailand as long as it is not private property, and don't fish in front of temples out of respect.

    The big reservoirs are difficult places to fish, location is the hardest part. Find the weeds and use surface lures burned across the top. Remember that many Thai people fish for food and for income so sportsfishing is secondary, such that catch rates are not brilliant for snakeheads. However the scenery is breathtaking and its great to be out in the wilds.

    The better places are Khao Laem, Srinakarind dams in Kanchanaburi province.

    There are many other species with different methods of catching but beyond the scope of a short Forum reply.

    Another option to start someone off might be a pay lake (catch and release) where you can commonly catch mekong Catfish upto very very big sizes - 60Kg my biggest so far. Not sure on your fishing ethics but very good fun for a while.

    Have a look at this is a commercial site, which i have no personal interest in but has some nice photos etc.

    I am always more than happy to talk fish with anyone, anytime. If you wish drop me a mail, i would be only too happy to advise

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