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    Gor Gai Romantic Poem Eng-Thai Translation Please

    Loving you is to breath unknown air into unknown breaths
    loving you is to pierce the bleeding wounds over and over
    loving you is to try to bring back the (devastating) hard times
    loving you is to relive you madly every second
    loving you is to get lost in your purified eyes
    loving you is to remember what's been forgotten and to be lost by them
    loving you is to be away from being hopeless for a lifetime
    loving you is to make my heart smile deeply (warm) like the way it will never be
    loving you is to be able to believe existence of something absent; and to be able to dream the most beautiful
    loving you is to become your eyes and watch the sky for you
    loving you must be craziness
    loving you is to reborn
    loving you is to find the peace in your existence (essence)
    loving you is not to exchange you for world and i finally understood that loving you is to be punished by the most harsh penalties and in spite of all those pain; to be able to say that i love you
    I Love you

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    Re: Romantic Poem Eng-Thai Translation Please

    While I'm pretty sure someone might take a stab at your translation requests; it sure seems to me that you're in need of something beyond the scope of what a free forum for the Thai language is designed to do.

    There are TONZ of websites and companies who provide translation between languages for the stuff you're requesting. They're not free, but they do provide what you're wanting. ..

    I'd also suggest before you send it off to a translation company; run the stuff youve posted past a native English speaker first . Some of it reads more than a little rough, almost like it's coming from another language into English rather than being written by a non-native English speaker. It also reads a little like the stuff Google Translates gives when you jump from common foreign languages into English .

    Even when it's written perfectly clear, translating English into Thai isn't a straight shot word for word, or concept for concept. Things which are emotive (love, hate, etc) and things which use idiomatic expressions often don't translate neatly into Thai given the differences between the two languages and the two cultures.

    I read all your posts and I still don't know what you're on about other than perhaps trying to make a book of poems in Thai about someone who's loved and lost, is still in love, can't live without someone, or something along those lines.

    Still, good luck in what ever it is you're tryin' to do.

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    Re: Romantic Poem Eng-Thai Translation Please

    Remember, a poem is one of the hardest thing to TRANSLATE. It uses words that may not be suitable to the desired language if it would be translated. Also, ideas are different by language. Cultures of countries are different, right? If I were you, try getting more into the language and then translate it for yourself.

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