Cheap flights available on Air Asia at the moment. check your dates but ive got my Cambodia visa run 2 week holiday sorted for 3000bht inc, the ticket starts at 200bth each way but adding ends up about 1500bht each way! but take off 700bht if you only have hand luggage.(early May) the luggage costs is a ripp off as a few years ago i could get this flight for 2000bht inc return! now you'll pay that each way! so the above price is really good.

Also 1100bht inclusive tickets BKK to Phuket ticket starts 660bht then all the baggage and other charges, you need to be quick with air asia as they change there prices so quickly.(end of May) Again you cant get to Phuket anymore for under 1500bht so to get something around the 1000bht mark is great, so means the 500bht taxi from the Airport to your destination is not so bad