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    World’s Toughest Trucker - A $150,000 Challenge

    Eight of the world’s most experienced truck drivers go head to head in some of the harshest environments on planet Earth. Drawn from England, Scotland, Canada, USA, Sri Lanka and Australia, they are challenged to navigate the most extreme routes across four continents. Each journey will last three days, and they must contend with unusual cargo, massive rigs, lethal roads and each other. Along the way, the weak will be eliminated and only one will walk away with the $150,000 prize and the title of ‘World’s Toughest Trucker'.

    Meet the Truckers

    World's Toughest Trucker: To The Rescue...
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    Re: World’s Toughest Trucker - A $150,000 Challenge

    No one from Thailand. Thai truckers can't even hold a lane!

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