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    Six held in Thailand and Australia on human trafficking !!

    Came across this on the BBC website ..

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    Re: Six held in Thailand and Australia on human trafficking !!

    Thanks, hoistman, for bringing up this subject. A few years ago I listened to a radio show on this very subject. It mentioned that on any given day, worldwide, there is an extraordinary number of people being trafficked across borders or state lines. (I am thinking it was around a million, but I could be wrong about this.) They also said places to watch for are where transportation corridors cross one another, such as intersections of two heavily trafficked roads. Truck stops, airports, etc.

    Unfortunately I do not remember all the details of this talk, and am afraid of misquoting, but here is a website devoted to the subject. It includes information on recognizing victims of trafficking, different forms of trafficking, visible indicators of trafficking, profile of a trafficking victim, and questions to ask a person you suspect is a victim. I think just being aware of the problem will make us all more aware and vigilant.

    This article includes information 'adapted from the US State Department', however there are links to information to different countries worldwide.

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    Re: Six held in Thailand and Australia on human trafficking !!

    Here in my area there is a push for stopping human trafficking. There has been a HUGE upsurge in human trafficking here.... It always makes me sad to hear stories like I heard from a friend. She said person she met told her "I was brought here to work but the kind of work I am doing is not what I was told about..." :(

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    Re: Six held in Thailand and Australia on human trafficking !!

    The worse thing is some of the trafficked kids in SEA have been sold into the sex trade by so-called father figures, usually the stepfathers or their desperately poor and/or drug addict mum's live-in BF. The resulting attachment trauma is just unbelievable and unimaginable for most of us.
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