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    Dinosaur footprints

    When I was last in Thailand (2011) I went to see the seniors world cup in Chaiyaphum City. Was mildly entertaining but a niece of my wife was cheer leading there.

    On the way back to the village near Kaset Sombun, we stopped in Nong Bua Deng for refreshments. I noticed a tour bus of older tourists and wondered what they could doing. I decided they must have been to see Dinosaur foot prints signposted along the road we were driving along. I'm not particularly interested but I thought it was worth a look. I've only ever seen bones in the Natural History Museum in London.

    Following a sign, I think it said 20km, I took the turning. After driving for about 20 minutes and not seeing another sign, I asked my wife to ask someone. We stopped at a village outside a house. We asked the people there who seem amused that we were going to see the dinosaur prints. This was repeated by everyone we asked, one man told us they are just like chicken foot prints, but bigger.

    Eventually we came to the end of the road, sill no signs. We asked an old man in the last house. This man must have been 90 years old at least. He laughed and said I've lived here all my life and I've never seen it but directed us down a dirt track past some fields and a toilet cubicle with what looked like bullet holes in the door and a sign saying 5฿. We came to what looked like an information sign next to a river. Sadly it looked like it was were the local teenagers come to drink and no information was there. We walked down to the river following the path. The path ended and the river had a high water level. No dinosaur foot prints. An hour later and way more than 20kms.

    Everyone made fun of me on the way back. We stopped to buy drinks on the way back through the string of villages and a man came over to ask if we saw them. Still laughing at us, he said the river drys up sometimes and that's the only time they can be seen, if your lucky!

    Appart from wasting 2 hours and getting laughed at and making the recently washed car filthy, I enjoyed it. My wife thought it was a waste of time.

    Has anyone ever seen fossilised dinosaur prints in Thailand or been on a similar journey and had better luck?

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    Re: Dinosaur footprints

    great story!! it reminds me of "its not about the destination, its the journey.."

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    Re: Dinosaur footprints

    I have seen them somewhere near Khon Kaen, but can't recall right now the correct Name of the City/Village.

    But it was a very great Building to protect the Ground where the Bones, Footprints etc. where found.

    The Ground was left in it's original condition to show the situation like it was found.

    There where many big Plates with Pictures, Informations about the Dinosaurs, History etc.

    If I remember right one of the King's Daughter is a Patron of this Research Project.

    There where also many Thai people visiting this Place, School Classes etc.
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