Police arrest drug traffickers, monk addicts
Published: 24/04/2012 at 01:44 PMOnline news: Local News

Police have arrested three alleged drug dealers and seized 86,740 methamphetamine pills, or yaba, and 941.16 grammes of crystal methamphetamine, known as ice - along with three drug monks.

Metropolitan Police Bureau chief Winai Thongsong and a team of police officers held a press briefing on Tuesday morning to announce the arrest of three suspected drug dealers and the seizure of yaba and ice with a street value of more than 29 million baht in total.

Police named the three suspects Noi Wimolsri, 56, Phanipat "BM" Thirakotai, 33, and Wiwat "Kim" Klongpakornkul, 28.

Police also seized a digital weighing scale, an unlicensed .38 revolver and 21 bullets that fit the gun.

Phanipat and Wiwat were arrested at a house in Bangkok's Thon Buri district yesterday, when police acted on information obtained from Noi, who was arrested with 81 yaba pills on Monday.

The suspects had opened a sewing business at the house as a front for their drug dealing, according to police.

Phanipat and Wiwat initially told investigators that a friend left a package at the house and they were not aware that it contained drugs, police said.

Police have also arrested three monks from two temples in Nakhon Ratchasima's Pimai district after their urine tests came up positive for yaba.

Police said they earlier arrested Surachai Sukhuna, 30, who has a car seat business, for possessing 25 yaba pills.

Surachai had confessed that he sold yaba to teenagers in Pimai for many months at 350 baht a pill. He also revealed that three monks bought yaba from him regularly. They were arrested and tested.

One of the monks told police that he bought yaba from the dealer at 300 baht a pill. He then sold the drug to other monks in his temple and nearby temples for 400 baht a pill.