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    The Mosquito / Malaria Threat

    The thought of catching Malaria and or dengue fever scares me. I read recently about a new strain of malaria that is not treatable by the most effective drug, is now knocking on the Thai/Mayanmar border.

    I also read malaria, transmitted by the female "anopheles" mosquito, is Mayanmars biggest killer. I'm not going anywhere near the Border but i do get lots of bites when i'm up in the village.

    Do any of you ever take Malaria pills prescribed by your doc ?

    I did ask once but my Doc wanted 15 quid for a "private prescription" and a months supply of pills was going to cost me over a hundred , so i didn't bother.

    I have been to Thailand 16 times in the last 7 years and have so far been lucky despite many bites. Maybe one day that luck will run out.

    Perhaps i should invest in the Pills.

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    Re: The Mosquito / Malaria Threat

    I got bitten by hundreds mosquitos,but seemed nothing was happen to me. I'm still concern that it would be happen in the future.

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