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    Flight + hotel booking websites. Any suggestions?

    Hello everyone,

    I am planning a job-seeking/ exploratory trip to Bangkok at the end of this month or the early beginning of next month. I have now been looking for tickets and hotels for a very long time, and as you can see I have not decided yet. However, the prices are not getting lower, and the time is not standing still, so I need to find the right hotel and flight very soon.
    I have been looking for flights at one page and hotels at another - but I don´t know if I maybe better should book the flight + hotel on the same website, as it seems to be cheaper.
    I have only found one page through Ltui ( a german travel agency), but the maximum days they can support me with is 22 days, and I plan to stay for around 30 days.

    I have not too many preferences about the hotel, but I would like an Aircondition very much, and it would not be a problem if I constantly would have to kill insects or fix my own toilet at the hotel.
    I would like to have a safe and if there is a fitness room, and breakfast included, I would not start a riot.

    The question however to you out there is, do you know some websites that offers flight + hotel at the same time? My Google search has been very poor.

    And I would like to know if you have some valuable information about hotels I should avoid or never-come-back airlines.

    Any information about Bangkok, what to do, what to avoid - any suggestion on where to start when looking for job and sightseeing - please don´t hesitate and write it here or in a PM directly to me.

    I would love to fly either May 30th , May 31st or June 1st and travel from Hamburg, Germany, as it is the closest to my home town.

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards,

    Bjørn Kristensen

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    Re: Flight + hotel booking websites. Any suggestions?

    Generally the only job open to foreigners is teaching English-and they prefer native speakers-and they need a TEFL certificate and a University degree. see
    All other jobs are for Thais only-and anyway you would need to speak Thai to do anything else probably!
    Probably easier to book the flight only-cheapest flights are the longest ones with a stop over part of the way at the airline's home airport usually- and look at travel guides and on line for hotel recommendations and find one when you get there-it is currently low season so there should be plenty.
    You could try searching this site for hotel info also

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    Re: Flight + hotel booking websites. Any suggestions?

    I would be surprised if a package holiday Flight/Accommodation would be cheaper than booking the two separate. Like Khun Don suggested ... The best flight deals usually involve a stopover .. But have a scout around ... Although not sure how many flight options you get from Denmark. On the hotel front .. Maybe agoda ...
    Only a thought ... But as you want a room for a month ... Check out some hotels that take your fancy .. Then contact them direct ... You may be able to get a good deal for a longer stay.

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