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What to do for 9 days?
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    Hey there all,

    My girlfriend and I have a 9 day stop-over in Thailand while we fly home to Australia after a couple of years abroad.

    We want to chill on a beach for the first 5-6 days or so then head back to Bangkok and do some touristy stuff around there.

    Where should we head for nice beaches??? Could get a flight to Kou Samui or head to Pattaya??? Anywhere else that is easy/quick to get to??? How do we get there?

    I take it that there is lots of day tour info round the backpacker accoms on Khoa San Rd.

    Any/all advice welcome!

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    For sure, you will find plenty of information along Khao San Road (from tourist agencies and other backapackers).

    If you come from Australia then don't go to Pattaya. My English teacher once told me that the beaches in Australia are a hundred times better than Pattaya. For beaches with white sand and palm trees you need to head down the peninsular. Your idea about Koh Samui is a good one as a starting place. You can then take boats to some of the smaller islands.

    The quickest and easiest way to get there is by flying. A return trip by Bangkok Airways is 5500 baht (US$140). The domestic airport is right next door to the international terminal so maybe you don't even need to go into Bangkok first. There are 14 flights a day! It takes 1 hour and 20 minutes

    If you want to go by train, the trip is 11 hours on the train and then another 2 hours for the boat trip. Add a few more hours on top of that for standing around!
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