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Please Translation>> Thai<<<
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    Gor Gai Please Translation>> Thai<<<

    I miss you today with no reason
    I thought if I reach, I could touch to dreams,see
    Years've passed over us
    You're on my mind like the very first day

    I miss you,I miss you...
    I miss you,I miss you...

    You are the most beautiful subject of the most beautiful sentence that I've heard
    In this city which God's forget
    (you're) Like a piece of heaven has fallen

    I miss you,I miss you...
    I miss you,I miss you...

    I had lots of word to say

    All of them has mired down
    What I expected from life

    What had I left
    Is it my broken heart?

    With this pain in my stomach
    My moldy soul hasn't forget

    Still hasn't forget you

    I miss you,I miss you...
    I miss you,I miss you..

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    Re: Please Translation>> Thai<<<

    I got down to the part where it said "pain in my stomach" when I accidentally closed the webpage (virtual Thai keyboard) where I was typing the Thai version. That's so frustrating!

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