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    Re: Can this be a marriage scam?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tod-Daniels View Post
    There're a TON of Thai companies who can find out just about everything there is to know about a Thai person with just their Thai I/D card number.

    This number is linked to everything a Thai does, "good and bad" in the country and even losing one, changing your name, etc. doesn't "break the trail" to previous I/D's.

    It's like a credit history, educational history, marriage history and a police report all rolled into one. Truly, some of the ones I've seen are pages long!! Everything from where they were born, where they went to school, when they got their driver's license, where they bought their first vehicle, traffic tickets, jobs theyve had, marriages/divorces registered, in short EVERYTHING about them is right there.
    Not to derail this thread, but what is the best way of finding a good reliable agency like that?
    I googled, and the online ones ask for such a service around $1000, which seems to me rather exorbitant.
    Would the best way be to find one directly in Thailand? Any good ones one can recommend?
    Please PM me not to clutter up this thread, if you have time. I would greatly appreciate it!

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    Re: Can this be a marriage scam?

    I live in CA and know a couple of Thai ppl that might help...feel free to send me a private message if you'd like.

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