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translation of little speech
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    translation of little speech

    Hi everyone,

    I have written a little speech for my lovely girlfriend and need help with translating it to good Thai.
    I can read the Thai letters but I can't translate very well yet. My girlfriend is from Thailand as you might
    have guessed and in about two months we will go to thailand for a vacation.
    Then I will "pop the question" and ask her to marry me. But I really want to do this in Thai!

    If anyone can help it would be great..

    The text is the following:

    The first time I met you
    I felt I could fly
    my feet were on the ground
    my head was in the sky

    We danced on the beat
    And talked the night away
    This night might have passed
    In my mind it will stay

    You came into my life
    And turned it upside down
    I never felt so good
    I feel that I belong

    I want to be there for you allways
    I will do the best I can
    I know I am not perfect
    Every day I’ll be a better man

    I still have lots to learn
    It might be still a bumpy ride
    but I know I will succeed
    With you by my side

    There is a thing
    I only will do once in my life
    I couldn’t wish a more perfect person to ask this to
    Dear Jirayu, will you do me the honor, and become my wife?
    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: translation of little speech

    Wow !!! That's some poetry man .....
    but I'm sorry I Can't help you here .. Hopefully some of the member's can .

    Good Luck !!

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    Re: translation of little speech

    First off I'm NOT tryin' to rain on your parade with my comments. I'm just pointing out some things you may or may not know.

    *It's a translation of conceptual and emotive things which even if it were done will not carry the exact same meaning in Thai. While you say you can "read Thai letters", I doubt you could read the Thai translation clearly enough for her to understand it.

    *It ain't gonna have the "catchy 2nd/4th line rhyme" like you made the English have. It's also not gonna "flow" the same way the English does when read. In fact it could turn out to be a pretty darned dry tedious read in Thai.

    There are simply too many differences culturally, in points of reference for abstract and emotive things between the Thais and "first worlders" for the translation to "really click" like it does in English. I think the best you're gonna get is a poor version in Thai with "out of sync prose" and with concepts which aren't used in in Thai for referencing feelings.

    Personally, I wouldn't waste the time it'd take to get a good solid translation into Thai, especially if you can't read Thai out loud at a pretty hard core level of proficiency. I mean something like this will lose a lotta value if you stumble-bumble thru it, or hafta resort to handing her the written Thai script so she knows what you mean.

    Why wouldn't you write the English using simpler terms and forgoing the "catchy rhyme & meter" of the piece?

    I mean, even though she's Thai, I'd imagine she has at least a rudimentary command of English. How did you manage to meet and interact with her while you were here especially to the extent that you're now contemplating marraige? Go for simple English. ..

    Still, good luck in what ever way you decide to go with this. There are plenty of "real Translation" companies out there in internet land which may or may not provide you with something with the same meaning in Thai. I'd try them by sending a sample of the text you want translated, (maybe one "verse") and see what they give you back.

    Again, good luck, sorry I can't help. .

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    Re: translation of little speech

    I tend to agree with Tod with most of his points above. It may be handy to translate from English to Thai basic informational material, but poetry is a different matter. If not done competently, there's a danger of it sounding clumsy, graceless. And to me the greatest risk, considering that it is a marriage proposal of a sort, is its losing its romantic flavor, and it sounding corny even!

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