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A nipple and a moan halt release of thai film
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    A nipple and a moan halt release of Thai film

    Independant Online, South Africa
    February 06 2003 at 02:32PM

    Bangkok - While Thai films are winning awards at film festivals abroad, others are having difficulty making it to the silver screen at home.

    The Film Censorship Board has delayed the release of Bangkok For Sale because of "steamy" scenes featuring a woman's nipple and the sounds of a man moaning.

    The board postponed the film's Friday premiere until the offending scenes can be edited and its English language title changed, said Adirek Watleela, an executive at Bangkok Film, the film's distributor.

    Despite its flourishing sex industry, in many respects Thailand remains a conservative Buddhist society.

    The Censorship Board wants to cut the scene of a man moaning'
    Government censors sometimes cut explicit content from movies fearing it may upset viewers and hurt the country's reputation.

    Bangkok For Sale tells the story of a female student who takes up work as a prostitute to earn money to pay for luxuries.

    "The Censorship Board wants to cut the scene of a man moaning, and they claim a nipple was exposed in one of the love scenes," Adirek said. "This is not fair to us."

    He said other Thai films such as the historical epic Suryothai - a lavish costume drama based on the life of a 16th century Siamese queen - had been allowed to show brief scenes of female nudity.

    The board also objected to the film's English title - which is not a direct translation of the Thai title - and wanted to blur scenes that show people smoking cigarettes, according to Adirek.

    Thailand's film industry has enjoyed a renaissance in the past few years
    In Thailand, television and movie images of smoking are often obscured as part of a government policy to discourage the habit.

    The producers of Bangkok For Sale have complained that the board is unfairly applying outdated censorship laws introduced in the 1930s. They say the film had been approved by the board twice, but was pulled during a third review.

    Police Captain Sariya Noisa, who works with the Film Board, said it is considering an appeal filed by Adirek - who complains the delay in the film's release will cost his company money.

    Thailand's film industry, which was virtually dormant during much of the 1990s, has enjoyed a renaissance in the past few years.

    A recent Thai film, Blissfully Yours, won the KNF Dutch Film Critics Award at the International Film Festival in Rotterdam last weekend. - Sapa-AP

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    If the censorship for movies is so strict, I wonder whether the same applies to videogames, magazines and other media as well... IMO this strategy is counterproductive.

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    My wife recently 'suggested' that I watch the 3 hour epic Suriyothai. As remarkable a production as it was, what really left an impression was the sight of two different sets of Thai nipples in one movie! My wife said it caused something of a stir at home, and given my admittedly low-level awareness of Thai culture, I was fairly stunned too.

    I saw the film 'Blissfully Yours' in Rotterdam two weeks back. It won an award, and contained several scenes which didn't leave an awful lot to the imagination (simulated oral sex, for example). I'm not quite sure I understand where the line is drawn.

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    It saddens and surprises me to see this kind of censorship applied in Thailand. One of the things that struck me early on during my visits to Thailand was the amount of blood and gore that regularly gets shown in close-up detail in many newspapers and magazines following some accident or crime. Surely, displaying images of body parts that have been blown apart risks far more damage to society than something as innocent as a woman's breast?

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    I guess the censorship board haven't got the line between artistic and pornography straightened out.
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    Hmm well I think that they SHOULD change the name... because it does give a bad image/name to ALL of Bangkok which is already world renowned (along with Pattaya) for the sex industry, so I think it shouldn't be applied to all of Bangkok in the name that way... but as far as the censorship, I don't really know. I think the government has good intentions when they censor smoking, but I think that if that scene is not 100% necessary to the film's plot than it should be taken out but if it is necessary it should remain.

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